Can't set up second hotmail / live account

  goforit 13:09 06 Jan 2010

I desparately want a second account with hotmail.

I click the sign up link. But I get so far and am told to log out of my windows live account and my Microsoft Small Business account. But I am not 'logged in'. So I get no further.

Tunbridge Wells!

  mgmcc 13:17 06 Jan 2010

There might be some "cookies" relating to your existing account(s) that you need to delete in order to proceed with setting up the new account.

  lotvic 13:45 06 Jan 2010

I would recommend using gmx free email, it is excellent, flexible, and has all sorts of extras that are very useful especially the file store and virus and spam checks, will also collect mail from your existing other email addys.
click here

from hotmail 'help'

* To save your Windows Live ID on your computer so that you don't have to retype it the next time you sign in, select the Remember me on this computer check box.
* To save your password on your computer, so that you don't have to retype it every time you sign in, select the Remember my password check box.
* If your Windows Live ID is already saved on the sign in page, you can click it to sign in. To remove a saved Windows Live ID, find the Windows Live ID on the sign-in page, and then click Forget me.
* Help protect your personal information. If you're using a shared computer, such as a computer in a school or library, don't use the Remember me on this computer or the Remember my password options.

  goforit 14:03 06 Jan 2010

Thanks to you mgmcc for your wise words but I would not know how to delete the cookies without deleting the lot from Internet Options.

Thanks to you too lotvic. I might look at your suggestion.

The reason for wanting hotmail is that I can setup Outlook 2007 to access it. I have all my contacts and old emails here. Tomorrow I get a new ISP but want:

Access via Outlook
Online mail

I cannot link any other FREE mail systems into Outlook, only paid ones!

Thanks. Will try and work something out from your posts.

  goforit 14:44 06 Jan 2010

I did a google for 'second hotmail account' and found someone else with the same problem in a forum 'tech guys'.

They provided a link to the MSN page to sign up.

And it has worked. I have managed to link this email into my Outlook.

Thanks for your help.

Tunbridge Wells

  Onizuka 16:41 06 Jan 2010

Although your problem seems to have been resolved I'm not clear why you can't link other Free mail systems into Outlook, only paid ones. I have Outlook 2007 and as well as my (paid for) Blueyonder accounts (now Virgin) I also access two Googlemail accounts and one Hotmail account through it. Googlemail and Hotmail are both free and of the two, Googlemail is, I think, superior.

  mgmcc 20:26 06 Jan 2010

>>> I cannot link any other FREE mail systems into Outlook, only paid ones!

Yes you can. Both GMX mail, as suggested above, and Googlemail support retrieval by POP3 or IMAP protocol and you can use your ISP's SMTP server to send mail.

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