Can't set up printer without Windows CD

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 23:44 05 Apr 2005

Hi all,
I am trying to set up my printer, but 1/2 way through it is asking for my windows 98 CD, that I don't have.

Is there a way around this....

In Hope

Your humble tecnophope

  DieSse 23:46 05 Apr 2005

You could always buy a legal copy of Windows98?

  DieSse 23:47 05 Apr 2005

Please post again if you have a legal copy, but have lost or broken the CD, or if the system only has recovery disks, or similar.

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 00:00 06 Apr 2005

As many of those who read my postings, and have advised me (Diesee you have helped me on many occasion)will know, I am running an old 10 year old 1:33 beast here that has been in and out of 2 PC shops wiped and started again. (It amuses me that the last time I took it in the bloke who fixed it indeed commented "it's not very good is it". Well I keep plodding on.
I am really on the verge of getting a new one, however money is really tight, and whilst this one keeps me on line what can I do.

I am running windows 98 (I think second edition),

Is there a solution?

  Totally-braindead 00:07 06 Apr 2005

Without the original Windows disks I don't think there is a solution. Unless you know the name of the file it needs and it is available from Microsoft. Perhaps you know someone who has a PC running 98 who can lend you their copy till you get the printer installed, only idea I have.

  BRYNIT 01:00 06 Apr 2005

This might help click here;en-us;311985

  THE TERMINATOR 01:02 06 Apr 2005

Is the printer a new one? And did it come with a cd with the drivers on it, as this is why it is asking for a disk. This doesn't neccessary mean the windows disk.If it is an old one then it may not be supported. What make and model is it.

  BRYNIT 01:05 06 Apr 2005

Just can't get these links to work try this one click here

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