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Can't set my User Picture. Windows 7

  Tycho 19:50 18 May 2012

When I try to put one of my photos in my user account, clicking on "Browse for more pictures does not open the expected explorer window so I can't choose one of my own photos.

Any thoughts?


  Tycho 20:09 22 May 2012


User Files are the docs and pics from both users.

One extra issue today: I had the black and white screen at start up telling me that it had not shut down properly. It advised me to insert the installation CD but I could not do that because there was not one with the computer. Just an invisible partition which I don't know how to use.

I have used Windows to create a rescue disc will that work instead of the installation disc?

Thanks for all the mental effort you are putting into my problems.


  Tycho 20:45 22 May 2012

All user files are backed up.

Incidentally before we go on. I have just tried the repair disc. this is how it behaved:

  1. "Windows is loading files"
  2. White bar tracks across the screen twice. Once quickly and then slowly.
  3. Eventually goes onto the blue welcome back ground (no "Welcome" though!)
  4. This screen hangs for about 2 mins then a box appears with:

Error: ox4001100200001012

It's looking a bit desperate!

Now to answer the questions:

Computer: Dell Inspiron N5010

Just a thought. I will be back in a couple of mins. thre are just one or two files that I need to back up. Out comes AJC Dirs.


  Tycho 20:50 22 May 2012


Done that.

What's next?


  Tycho 21:04 22 May 2012

All my backups are done onto an external HD and thence to the other Laptop.

Can't find the Windows key anywhere.

Sorry I need to get on with something else. I will get back to you tomorrow.


  Tycho 08:21 23 May 2012

Very frustrating!

I can see a panel on the bottom of the laptop where it appears that a label has been pealed off. Perhaps that's where the key was printed.

I haven't had a reply email from the suppliers after three days of enquiry. Nick

Phone call next.

  Tycho 11:36 23 May 2012

I don't want to presume on you good nature for more than is necessary. I am now is correspondence with the sellers and will let you know how I get on with their advice.

I will post again when there are any developments .

Thanks for your help.


  lotvic 11:58 23 May 2012

I may be wrong but,my feelings are that the suppliers would just take it back to factory image as that is easiest and doesn't require a product key to be input or activated.

You may find this useful and I think you would benefit from the knowledge so you can assess your options of how to proceed.

If you could give us the Model of the laptop that would be useful. Also note that the key that would have been on a sticker is probably not the key that is in use on the laptop for install OEM Dell. That would be a Dell factory activated key and cannot be used for a normal install from an ordinary W7 DVD. For that you use the key on the sticker and it requires telephone activation.

Depending on which model of laptop you have, there is a way of making the hidden partition 'active' so that laptop will boot straight into it on startup.

Dell has designed two new backup and restore programs, see below for the details:

Dell Inspirons, Studios, and XPS Systems use DataSafe Local Backup 2.0 as the PC Restore/Factory Image Restore option as of April 22, 2009.

Click here if your computer is an Inspiron, Studio, or XPS

Dell OptiPlex, Latitude, Vostro, and Precisions use Dell Backup and Recovery Manager as the PC Restore/Factory Image Restore option as of May 26, 2009.

Click here if your computer is an OptiPlex, Latitude, Vostro, or Precision

  lotvic 12:02 23 May 2012

Just noticed you have said laptop is Dell Inspiron N5010, (I missed that first time when reading thread ;))

  Tycho 14:50 23 May 2012

They replied by email before I made the phone call. It seems that they are particularly worried about the lack of a key and have asked me to return it. They are sending a courier along to collect it.

I will let you know what happens.

Thanks for the help and advice so far.


  Tycho 15:07 23 May 2012


Will do.


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