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Can't set my User Picture. Windows 7

  Tycho 19:50 18 May 2012

When I try to put one of my photos in my user account, clicking on "Browse for more pictures does not open the expected explorer window so I can't choose one of my own photos.

Any thoughts?


  Tycho 22:02 18 May 2012

That is the problem rdave 13. The window does not open. The "Browse for more pictures" link does nothing.


  Tycho 22:11 18 May 2012

Right ho. I will have a go.


  Tycho 21:40 19 May 2012

I did the scannow twice but it found no problem and there now change in the behaviour of the link. I still can't open the browser window.

What's next to try?


  lotvic 21:52 19 May 2012

Try by accessing the Change Pic Screen the other way - both methods are ClickHere I mean if you are getting there by clicking on picture -Method 1, then try Method 2 (via control panel)

  Tycho 23:05 19 May 2012


I fear that neither way works. :-(


  Tycho 23:08 19 May 2012


It is already has the box ticked : show thumbnails instead of icons.


Thanks for trying. Anything else to try out?


  Tycho 08:30 20 May 2012


Tried unticking apply, reticking ok, reboot.

Still no change.


  lotvic 11:58 20 May 2012

Post back when you've done all the steps in Woolwell's Link

  Tycho 22:07 21 May 2012

I have been through most of the procedures and am at the stage of trying to rename the default picture.

At this point I am stuck because I am not allowed to rename it. One Trused Installers can do that.

I am logged on as administrator and I have got as far as trying to alter the permissions to give me full control but the relevant tick boxes are greyed out.

I have not yet discovered a way around this.


  Tycho 22:25 21 May 2012

That doesn't sound good.

I have tried setting up a new account and find that I get the same problem with the new one.

I was once able to change the picture on my wife's account but not now. I am assuming that the problem is deeper than just the corruption of one account.

This computer is new to me (about a week old) it is not brand new but has been refurbished. It appeared to be absolutely clean but I am now wondering if something has been left awry.

The only major change that I have made is to set up a new HD partition for my user files. That make synchronising my computers and backup hard drive easier.

Thanks for your ongoing help.


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