Can't set up ADSL internet on other user

  dalglish 12:14 07 May 2005

Hi, I can connect to the internet using my PC via a Netgear wireless ADSL connection. However, I am trying to set up my wife's connection as a separate user on XP Home so that we both need to log in as different users.
I cannot connect to the internet even using the setup wizard in her profile despite the wireless network being detected.
Where am I going wrong?

Is it possible to import my ISP details into her profile so that username/ password on the connection settings are identical?

  pcgal 12:32 07 May 2005

open NETWORK CONNECTIONS......right click lOCAL AREA CONNECTION.....TCP/IP properties ......and set default gateway to your computers ip address.

This is all assuming your computers are talking to each other

  pcgal 12:36 07 May 2005

Thats on your wifes need to install isp info on your're just setting it up to use your pc as host

  dalglish 20:23 07 May 2005

Sorry Guys

I've confused you by my poor description ...
we're both using the same PC but using different user profiles on XP home.
The puzzle is I can connect to the internet but when she logs in, she cannot despite having a strong wireless signal.
Ive tried the IP address you suggested but to no avail - sorry = any help further?

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