Cant seem to use Similey Central

  chaztait 19:34 12 May 2005

Hi for some reason i cant seem to use similey central...does anyone know why i have tried re-installing it and when i click on it on IE nothing happens.

Any suggestions?


  961 19:38 12 May 2005

If you have some spywarestoppers installed then they may well stop smileys which are known to introduce all sorts of adware to your computer

  chaztait 20:11 12 May 2005

roght so would you advise me to get rid of it?

is there any packages that do not have spyware attached to them?

  maveric 20:20 12 May 2005

if you want smilies you could try thunderbird for your mail, it comes with some basic ones and no spyware

  chaztait 20:22 12 May 2005

yes but is there any that work with them all like...smiliey central

  961 20:33 12 May 2005

If you want to use smileys you can turn down your ie6 security settings and turn off things like spywareblaster, spybot search and destroy and so on and so on and then you'll get smiley central to install and run

They're fun, fab and we all love to use them. But try to uninstall smiley central and you will find it tough

If you type uninstall smileys into google you'll find out all about it

Having said all that many folk use them and decide the adware that is introduced onto your computer is not something that concerns them

At the end of the day it's up to you

I guess there are paid for programmes that give you adware free smile icons and someone may know of some on this forum

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