Cant seem to buy from the internet?????

  misters 21:08 07 Nov 2004

Hi just wondering if anyone can figure out why i cant seem to purchase anything from the net, every time i try and log on to sites using there secure server you know like amazon, tesco etc i keep getting page cant be displayed message press refresh and try again you know the sort of thing.

Anyway, can anyone please help and tell me if my settings are wrong or something.

I dont remember changeing anything, and i dont think it has anything to do with my firewall, (zonealarm} or my AV as these have always been running and i haven't had a problem before.

Thanx in advance.

  britto 21:54 07 Nov 2004

click here
check your internet advanced security settings

  misters 22:07 07 Nov 2004

Done all that but to no avail.

  crawfyp1 10:02 08 Nov 2004

What browser/version are you using?

  blackbob 13:35 08 Nov 2004

Had the same problem last week but only with Tesco
Phoned helpline and received email as follows

Thank you for your call,
Error:- Done with errors on page or Run time errors

I was sorry to learn that you are having problems when viewing pages. The reason for this may be due to the settings on your Internet Explorer.

Please verify that ‘Active Scripting’, ‘ActiveX’, and ‘Java’ are not blocked.

To check this, start Internet Explorer. On the ‘Tools’ menu, click ‘Internet Options’. Click on the ‘Security’ tab, then ‘Custom level’ at the bottom. Look for ‘ActiveX’.

Verify that Internet Explorer, or another program on your computer such as an anti-virus program or a firewall, are not configured to block either ‘Scripts’, ‘ActiveX’ controls, or ‘Java’ applets. These are turned off at the high security level in Internet Explorer.

By default, Internet Explorer 6 and some versions of Internet Explorer 5.x, use this level for the ‘restricted’ sites zone.

However, again by default, Microsoft Window’s Server 2003, uses the high security level for both the restricted sites zone, as well as the Internet zone.

To reset the Internet Explorer security settings for the current Web page, follow these steps:

Start Internet Explorer and click on the ‘Tools’ menu, then ‘Internet Options’. In the ‘Internet Options’ dialogue box, click ‘Security’. Click ‘Default Level’ then ‘OK’.

See the documentation for the anti-virus program or firewall that you are using, to determine how to turn on scripting, ActiveX and Java applets. Verify that your anti-virus program is not set to scan the ‘Temporary Internet Files’, or ‘Downloaded Program Files’ folders

Remove all the temporary Internet-related files from your computer. To do so, follow these steps: Start Internet Explorer. On the ‘Tools’ menu then ‘Internet Options’. Click the ‘General’ tab. Under ‘Temporary Internet files’, click ‘Settings’. Click ‘Delete Files’, then ‘OK’ Click ‘Delete Cookies’, then ‘Ok’. Under ‘History’, click ‘Clear History’, and then click ‘Yes’. Click ‘OK’.

Please try the web page again.

If you are still having the same difficulties, you can obtain more information from Microsoft on the following link: click here;en-us;308260

If this still does not resolve the problem, please reply to this email stating the symptoms and/or the errors you are experiencing.

  misters 18:49 11 Nov 2004

I am goin to resolve this as everything seems to be running ok.

I followed all the advice that i was given, but all my settings where as they should be.

The only thing bugging me now is what went wrong in the first place, must be one of lifes little mysteries, I guess!

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