Can't seem to be able to save downloads ... ?

  vickydee1 02:21 06 Apr 2013

Hi all I know I am doing something wrong but I just don't know what it is, I have had lots of advice from friends and family but nothing seems to help ..

When ever I try to save a movie or a youtube download, nothing happens.

I tried to down load Emule but I couldn't do that either.. !

My son said it was because I was using 64 bit and should be using 16 bit Internet Explorer ... I tried that but that didn't work either .. It was ok till I had my hard drive cleaned off and re set up again ....

What can I do so I can save porn again ... heheheeeeee

Well anthing really but I knew that would get your attention ... :-)

Thankyou Deanna ......... :-)

  northumbria61 07:44 06 Apr 2013

Take a look here enter link description here

  Ian in Northampton 08:20 06 Apr 2013

Have you ever been able to save downloads - but now you can't? Or has this always been the case? The immediate thing that occurred to me is that your downloads are automatically saving themselves to a folder - and you're just not aware of this, or where it is. By default, many browsers save automatically in a 'downloads' folder in your 'documents' folder.

  vickydee1 09:46 07 Apr 2013

Hi Northumbria61 & Ian in Northampton for your replys...

Northumbria61... Thankyou for your link about saving YouTube but it isn't just YouTube it is all down loads but thanks again any way...

Ian in Northampton ... I have looked in the documents folder and there does seem to be a 'downloads folder' !


  alanrwood 15:21 07 Apr 2013

You can check where your downloads are saved by looking in the Settings for your browser. The location is user selectable.

If this is not the problem then you need to give a bit more info on what you are trying to download ie movies , program files, updates etc as the first thing we need to establish is if the problem is with downloading process or the location of the files which have been downloaded.

  vickydee1 02:28 09 Apr 2013

Hi Alan r Wood ... I will try, not quite sure what " The location is user selectable." but will try to find it ...

Will let you know how I get on .... Mean while maybe you could enlighten me a little about what " The location is user selectable " means ... Please..


  alanrwood 09:39 09 Apr 2013


In every browser there are settings which you can change and all browsers will allow you to set up a Download Folder whereever you want. I have all my browsers set to download everything to D:\Downloads so I can find things that I have downloaded easily. If you let me know which browser you are using I might be able to give you more specific info depending on the version of your browser.

  lotvic 09:43 09 Apr 2013

It means - How to Change the Default Download Location in IE9 and IE10

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