Can't see some pictures

  orangewhiteblue 11:23 08 May 2004


I run a website for a local football club, click here . One of the parents from the club for some strange reason can't see the list of sponsors on the left side of the screen, however can see all other pics and text/counter below. I don't use frames, just a flat sheet (if that makes sense).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why he can't see them?


  woody 12:45 08 May 2004

One pic is jpeg other is gif?

  Forum Editor 13:55 08 May 2004

I can see the chairman, vice chairman etc., the hit counter, and the java newsticker, but the list of sponsors that I can clearly see in your source code aren't displayed in my browser.

My feeling is that this is associated with the java box in some way - try moving it.

  HighTower 15:00 08 May 2004

If you have ad blocking software it could be blocking your images. I've seen this before if the images are named anything suspiciously ad-like, for example banner.gif, advert.gif, sponsor.gif etc. If this is so then try naming them something completely unrelated, like gif1.gif, gif2.gif etc.

If this is not the case then try putting in absolute links for your images (eg "click here" rather than just "images/image.gif").

  HighTower 15:02 08 May 2004

Hmmm, the forum has made my absolute link example into a hyperlink! Hover your mouse over it to see what I mean. Sorry!

  PurplePenny 15:26 08 May 2004

I can see the sponsors just fine in Opera 7.5. It could be as HighTower suggests as they are all in a folder named "sponsor".

  orangewhiteblue 07:05 09 May 2004

Thanks everyone, I think High Tower has the answer in the ad blocking software. All the pictures were in a folder called 'sponsors' I've now changed that and everything appears fine.

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