Can't see own website from home.

  justjill 18:39 03 Feb 2009

Hello. Further to my post yesterday:

I recently set up a website with Hostroute and have experienced a lot of downtime. Yesterday we were unable to view our website at all or access it by FTP and a test email we sent to it came back as "DNS Error: Domain name not found". I have submitted a ticket to Hostroute's helpdesk and all they have done is ask what errors I'm getting (which I'd already told them) and close the ticket without helping me.

Curiously, my husband was able to access the domain from an internet cafe this afternoon but I still can't access it at home.

Is there something we have done wrong at home? It was fine the previous day and we could access it via FTP. Why can't we see our own website from home? Any ideas?

Any suggestions for more helpful web hosts would also be welcome!

The website is click here Can anyone else see it?

Thanks :)

  Technotiger 18:50 03 Feb 2009

I am not expert enough to be able to provide any actual help, but your link certainly opens up for me fine.

Good luck anyway.

  MAT ALAN 19:37 03 Feb 2009

Opens fine for me XP Home SP3 firefox... (Sky BB)

  Technotiger 20:10 03 Feb 2009

Perhaps not the exact answer, but why not try a System Restore back to when it was fine!

  justjill 20:23 03 Feb 2009

Thanks for the replies. We've tried to restore to 5 different restore points and it fails every time.

A bit more info, though - my husband tried to view the site on his phone using our wireless network and couldn't see it, but it was fine when he tried it on WAP, so might it be something to do with the router? The thing is, we haven't changed any settings and it is only this website (or, rather, 4 websites on the same server with the same host) that we can't see. Everything else works fine and we have another website on a different server with the same host and it works too. Baffled!

  anchor 15:30 04 Feb 2009

Your link opened up here without problem.

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