cant see minimised programs

  andy8491 20:18 10 Jul 2006

i have just been on my computer running on windows 98. all of a sudden when i open a program it doesnt show on the taskbar, and the only way for me to switch programs is to press alt+tab but this is very frustrating when trying to run a many programs. i havw tried to move the toolbars around on the taskbar to see if i had moved it but it does not show up and now sometimes when i press the window key the start menu doesnt open neither. both of these problems seemed to occur at the same time and i am lost with what to do?? could someone please help me as it is driving me mad thanx.

  Stuartli 20:21 10 Jul 2006

Try pressing F11.

  andy8491 20:22 10 Jul 2006

if any one has any other information contact me via email aswell as this website thanx. [email protected] or [email protected]

  andy8491 20:22 10 Jul 2006

what happens when f11 is pressed?? i am not at the computer at the moment so i need to know thankyou

  andy8491 22:24 10 Jul 2006

i have tried the f11 part and i still had no success is there any other thing you can think of as it is really getting me stressed!

  Stuartli 22:29 10 Jul 2006

Pressing F11, as you may now have gathered, hides the Taskbar and part of the Toolbar to provide more screen acreage.

It was suggested as it might have been pressed in error. 22:34 10 Jul 2006

Try this, right click on start - click properties - click task bar tab - untick "auto-hide the taskbar" button

  andy8491 23:09 10 Jul 2006

i have tried all of that and the problem is not that the taskbar is hidden it is that when a program is open it is not visible on the taskbar and you can only switch through programs using alt and tab. i have tried to look it up on the internet but i dont know what the problem could be

  hansolman 21:27 13 Sep 2006

I am experiencing exactly the same problem in Win XP did you find a solution? I'm sure it can't be complicated but I've tried loads of things

  Coff 21:50 13 Sep 2006

For XP try Line 240 click here (This is a visual basic script so your anti-virus program might throw up a warning when you run it but it's perfectly safe.)

  woodchip 22:01 13 Sep 2006

Check monitor settings

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