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Can't see a file in explorer??

  Simsy 19:10 08 Sep 2010


I've just created a small image file, in PaintShopPro, and saved it as a .gif

I've then opened it in Irfanview and saved it as a windows.ico file...

(I did it that way because PSP can't save .ico files)...

The problem is I can't see the file in explorer!!

If I open Irfanview I can navigate to it, and I can also see it in ACDSee image viewer...

Why can't I see it in Explorer? It's a small file, 4kb, but surely that's not relevant is it??



  woodchip 08:42 09 Sep 2010

In Windows Explorer Folders are always shown at the top followed by Files. The Location of your File is C:\Program Files. so you would click on the + of Program Files in left Column, then in right Column you would see your ico down near the bottom

  Simsy 09:57 09 Sep 2010

But no... the location of my file is as shown;
C:\Programme Files(x86\AceMoney

What I can't see, in Windows Explorer, is a file, that is an icon file.

Did you look at my link, showing the problem in 3 pictures?



  Simsy 10:01 09 Sep 2010

That I didn't say that this is a problem using Windows 7.

I raised the issue as the problem is on my desktop, which is 64 bit, but have subsequently tried the same on my laptop, 32 bit, and exactly the same issue is present.

Maj... was your sucess in Win7, or XP, (or Vista)?

Any more suggestions, anyone?




  woodchip 10:12 09 Sep 2010

If you can see the file but not extension i.e ico its because you have not got Explorer set to show extensions. I am XP but in XP I go to Tools\Options\File Types\Advanced show extensions

  Simsy 10:24 09 Sep 2010


I can't see the file, at all!!!



  Simsy 11:49 09 Sep 2010

The icon on the laptop was created especially to do the test... i.e it's not the same actual file.

I'm at work at the moment, I'll do some more tests when I can, back home.

Thanks for the input!

I'll report back, further.



  Simsy 20:13 09 Sep 2010

It looks like it's by design...

I had to go to my Dad's today... He has a recent new PC with Win7 64bit... and his is exibiting the same behaviour... in fact picking up from an earlier post here I used PSP to create a small .bmp file and saved it in one of the Progfiles(x86) folders...

Lo and behold, it couldn't be seen, in Win Explorer, but could in graphics progs...

So I copied the file to a more "conventional" location, i.e. "My Documents" and WinExplorer can see it fine!

I'm currently messing about more and there is some inconsistency... with file types and places... but I'm going to give up worrying about this now. Life's too short!

Thanks for the interest,



  Simsy 05:46 11 Sep 2010

if the file is MOVED into one of these folders it CAN be seen...
It seesm to only be if it's SAVED there that it can't be!



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