Can't see a file in explorer??

  Simsy 19:10 08 Sep 2010


I've just created a small image file, in PaintShopPro, and saved it as a .gif

I've then opened it in Irfanview and saved it as a windows.ico file...

(I did it that way because PSP can't save .ico files)...

The problem is I can't see the file in explorer!!

If I open Irfanview I can navigate to it, and I can also see it in ACDSee image viewer...

Why can't I see it in Explorer? It's a small file, 4kb, but surely that's not relevant is it??



  MAJ 19:24 08 Sep 2010

Not sure why that should happen, Simsy, I can view them in Explorer, I created one the same way you did just to be certain. Are you viewing 'All Files'?

  ashleycardwell94 19:26 08 Sep 2010

why are you trying not to allow psp's to save it? also, would the file be hidden?

  MAJ 19:29 08 Sep 2010

Maybe you are using the Thumbnail view, try View > Tiles or View > Icons.

  woodchip 19:35 08 Sep 2010

All you need do is Go to search then type *.ico press enter it will bring up all ico file so you need to know the file name. when you find it double click it if it does not show the path, close search and it should be there in the path it was found

  Simsy 20:44 08 Sep 2010

because psp can't save ico files, and it was easier to MAKE the image in psp...

Maj... "Are you viewing 'All Files'?" if by that you mean hidden and system files, yes I am. Is there something else you mean? I know that in Picasa, for example, there is an option to not show small files. I'm wondering if there's something like that I've invoked!!

woodchip... thanks, but I know where the file is, and what it's called... it's just that win explorer can see it, or isn't showing it!

I'm open to further suggestions!




  woodchip 21:02 08 Sep 2010

It sounds like you have got system files Hidden, Do you know how to see them? as it may come under these

  Simsy 21:05 08 Sep 2010

to demonstrate;
click here

In the top image the file in question "AceMoneySterling.ico" can be seen in ACDSee, (which is only showing image files). You can clearly see the path...

In the middle image it can be seen in the "Open" dialogue of Irfan view...

but in the bottom image, Windows Explorer, it can't be seen! I have deliberately cropped the images such that you can see the paths are the same.

Any more suggestions are welcome!



  Simsy 21:06 08 Sep 2010

No... I don't have system files hidden. I do know how to see them.
Thanks though... that was my first thought!



  Simsy 21:08 08 Sep 2010

messed up link;
click here



  Simsy 21:11 08 Sep 2010

I'll check in much later... or tomorrow!




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