Can't see external drive

  Prancer 10:23 05 Feb 2010

For some years I have used an external drive for backups. Now Vista does not see it, though Device Manager says it is working properly. I've tried changing settings in Network and Sharing Centre but still no success. What have I done? And what can I do to get it back?

  rdave13 18:50 06 Feb 2010

USB problem maybe. Try booting up the PC without the drive connected.
Once booted then connect the external drive and power it up. See if Vista will install the drivers or show the 'safely disconnect' icon in notification area.

  Prancer 14:49 07 Feb 2010

Thanks rdave13, I've tried your suggestion but whether I start with or without the external drive on or off it makes no difference. I cannot see it in Windows Explorer but do get the icon to remove hardware safely, though when I click on it it does not identify the drive, merely says 'Safe to remove USB storage device'.

  Prancer 10:16 12 Feb 2010

Anybody got any ideas?

  rdave13 23:14 12 Feb 2010

Have you tried it on another PC to see if it works? If not it might be the circuitry in the enclosure that has gone faulty.

  rizlo29 23:46 12 Feb 2010

Would it hurt to uninstall and reinstall?

  Prancer 08:38 13 Feb 2010

Thanks for your suggestions.
I have tried it on my old laptop and it works perfectly, I can explore and write to it without any problems. I've never had to install it as it's been plug 'n play so don't know how to uninstall it.

  Prancer 21:32 26 Mar 2010

A useful bit of information - I've solved the problem by giving the drive a new letter, it seems Windows couldn't see the external drive as something must have deleted its letter. Now it works as before.

  rdave13 21:44 26 Mar 2010

Never thought of that. Thanks for updating.

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