Can't see emails on outlook on my windows phone

  bluemoon69 10:12 29 Oct 2015

Thanks to all in advance.

I have set a new Microsoft account up online. Have put in all the settings for the phone and outlook 2010 on my pc that 1and1 said.

Now on outlook on the PC all the emails show up fine but on my microsoft lumia 640 windows phone they are not showing up. Is this to do with, that on my PC outlook was signed into a different account originally..... I am very stumped at the moment and have searched the forums and could not find anything relevant to my problem.

Many thanks and kind regards.


  bluemoon69 06:50 30 Oct 2015

Hi peeps.

I am really stuck and pulling my hair out. I have searched the net also but to no avail. You would think it to be straight forward two products from the same company.....umm.

I know I must be doing something wrong, but can't see it.

Cheers all. Cliffy.

  onthelimit1 15:02 30 Oct 2015

It may be that you are using POP rather than IMAP - don't give your full email, but what is after the @ sign?

  bluemoon69 20:46 30 Oct 2015

Hi onthelimit.

I am using IMAP and it is


  Secret-Squirrel 11:31 01 Nov 2015

I have set a new Microsoft account up...........that 1and1 is

Does that mean you have two accounts where one is your MS account and the other is the email address from 1&1? If it does then I wouldn't expect the emails for the latter to appear in Outlook on your phone.

There should be a separate email tile for "bcscleaningsolutions" somewhere on your Lumia's homescreen.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:04 03 Nov 2015

Did that work Cliffy or do you need some more help?

  bluemoon69 13:35 03 Nov 2015

Hi secret.

Ok now,

I went into advanced settings and put in all info, (I had done this before with no luck). But this time boom the tile was on the home screen with the title you said.

Cheers bud.

But still don't understand why I can't see my mail through outlook on my phone as I can on the PC.

Obviously I'm being a tad dim. But cheers anyhow.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:57 03 Nov 2015

Thanks for sharing the good news :)

But still don't understand why I can't see my mail through outlook on my phone as I can on the PC.

AFAIK, unlike its desktop version, Outlook on a Windows phone only works for Microsoft email accounts. I agree it's confusing - you're not being dim at all.

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