Can't See Computers on my Network

  wingfield 16:45 23 Mar 2004

I have 2 computers networked through a Belkin 4 port router. I computer runs Windows 2000 the other XP. I have managed to get an Internet connection to both but they won't see each other to share files etc. I've set file sharing in the relevant places and also have files/folders shared. Still no joy. Help!!

  hugh-265156 17:11 23 Mar 2004

i know nothing about networks sorry.

are you running any firewalls? is each computers ip address allowed in the firewalls trusted zone on the other computer?

check your settings also.

start/run type cmd or command then type ipconfig/all and hit enter.

  JerryJay 17:21 23 Mar 2004

you need to setup in a workgroup and give name to each computer. Start from XP because it is easy. Go to "My Network", you will see set up home work network etc. Not so easy for 2k, but you can figure out once you done XP.

Even with firewall, you can still see other computers, but just not able to access them.

  wingfield 18:42 23 Mar 2004

I've disabled the firewalls. Each computer has a name. The network has the same name.

  spikeychris 18:49 23 Mar 2004

Have you tried the basics, from run type the computers name of the other machine. If it is called bob then type this..


Does it find it?

  spikeychris 19:00 23 Mar 2004

Pro or Home?

  Parsley 21:57 23 Mar 2004

Had a similar problem on 2 XP computers. I ran the network setup wizard (using the hub method not recomended by windows), created the disk to put in the other computer from the main computer, ran the disk in the other computer then rebooted it - bingo network shares working ok. Disable the XP firewall as the Belkin uses NAT translation and should be blocking hackers etc unless you have opened ports through it manually.

  mackaycc 01:04 24 Mar 2004

Right click My Computer, go to properties and check under computer name and you should find the name of the workgroup which the computer is a member of. This should be the same on both computers.

  allstarhm 01:47 24 Mar 2004

Have u tried to ping the computers from MSDos Prompt? Go to RUN, then type ping [IP]. If the computer sees each other, then it will have something like reply from.....
Otherwise, it means that the computer is not seeing each other.
& of course u need to have the computer on the same workgroup to see each other.
If u r not sure about this, u can try to use
Belarc Advisor to check all the settings (it's easier this way).
Just run Belarc Advisor and u can check the computer name and workgroup in the report given.
To learn more about networking, go to click here

  wingfield 22:30 24 Mar 2004

I can ping from the computer running XP Home to the one running Win 2K but not from the 2K to the XP

Have run the XP setup wizard but the setup disc it produces won't run on the Win 2K computer

  wingfield 19:14 25 Mar 2004

I've changed the names of each computer and the name of the workgroup on both computers, but no joy. I have noticed this evening that on both computers there isn't an icon on the taskbar regarding a network connection.

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