cant see anything!resetting monitor res in win xp!

  jake williamson 22:14 18 Aug 2003


just got a new dell 8300. plugged it at work to a big 'ol 22 monitor and everything worked fine.

just got it home and plugged it into my 17" monitor, the machine starts up and then the monitor says 'frequency out of range'!!

so i'm guessing the system is trying to drive the monitor at the original res - which is too high for the 17"

how do i reset the graphics card!!




  Djohn 22:22 18 Aug 2003

Start in safe mode, then properties/display/advanced, then click on the "Addapter" tab and set to "Optimal", re-boot and it should be fine.

  Djohn 22:23 18 Aug 2003

Sorry forgot the bit, "Right click on desktop" then as above.

  .dave 22:26 18 Aug 2003

Just press F8 when prompted (Should be at the Windows XP loader screen during boot up) and either choose safe mode or safe mode with VGA (or something like that).
When it has booted up, lower the refresh rate then reboot and leave to boot as normal.

  jake williamson 22:55 18 Aug 2003


got it - restarted in safe mode with vga, set the monitor to 640x480 at the lowest refresh and restarted.

when the desktop loaded xp asked if i wanted to 'optimise' the display and now everythings hunky dorry!

all i need to do now if get a dvi graphics card so i can connect my apple cinima display and i'm in bussiness....

thanks out there,

be lost with out ya!



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