Can't search on any forum

  xquest 23:08 23 Sep 2004

For weeks now, when I try and search the forum, I get the following "Error! Error occurred during the search. Please check your keywords, if you are trying to perform a Boolean search using AND, OR etc. and try again." This occurs however long or short the search parameters are.

Is it just me, and if so what can I do to correct it ?

  Danoh 00:32 24 Sep 2004
  end 00:37 24 Sep 2004

what are you actually looking for? what is the problem you are trying to solve?

  xquest 09:56 24 Sep 2004

My search was for anything about SP2 so I searched on <Windows XP SP2>, and just got that error message. Then I tried just one word: <sort> and got the same error message (I didn't use the <> I hasten to add).

The actual problem I was chasing was to do with SP2 and spoolsv.exe (which also produced that error message). I'll post my query about that in a moment.

And yes, I much preferred the old search methods where you could define the period to be covered by the search and so on.

  Brazils 12:19 24 Sep 2004

I find, if I do a search using the search box in the top right corner, I get the same error message. I think this searches the whole site.

If I do a search while in a forum, using the box on the left, just above "latest threads", it searches OK.

This has been like this for weeks.

  Brazils 12:23 24 Sep 2004

This is one of the few sites that is no quicker on Broadband. Posting messages and changing threads takes for ever. :-(

  xquest 12:35 24 Sep 2004

Thanks, Brazils ! Tried using the forum search box on left hand side of screen and eureka ! Searches OK. But PCA should fix the other one, shouldn't they. So it's partly resolved.

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