can't scan disk or defrag with zone alarm

  trigger2 13:38 10 Oct 2003

i can't run scan disk or defrag with zone alarm active. they both start, get a little way then keep re starting again but get no further (only a few %)it all worked fine before i downloaded the lattest version (free).
i know it's no big deal but it's just anoying having to disable it each time...any ideas?
(am running ME)

  mark e 13:48 10 Oct 2003

start PC in safe mode then run both utilities

  hugh-265156 13:50 10 Oct 2003

only thing i can suggest is disable it before scanning or do a defrag in safe mode.

zonealarm is very good but caused me a few problems too,restarts due to true vector errors.

why not give outpost a try its very good and free here needs a bit more tweaking than zonealarm though.

  canard 14:30 10 Oct 2003

click here
Sygate is free,good and easy but you still need to turn it off to defrag or scan.

  Stuartli 14:56 10 Oct 2003

You'll never be able to Scandisk or defrag with ZoneAlarm - it's a firewall...:-)

Joke over, so the simple answer, as always in this case, is to close everything down that is already open, especially ZoneAlarm, NortonAV and similar programs/utilities. Right clicking on each icon in the TaskBar will provide the means to do so.

Then you will be able to Scandisk or defrag at your leisure, knowing that nothing can stop either doing its work.

  anchor 16:13 10 Oct 2003

Why not run scandisc or defrag in safe mode?.

For Win98, or ME Press F5 during at the beginning of the boot process; then run scandisc or defrag. This should resolve your problem.

I do not use XP, but here are instructions for starting safe mode in XP, unless someone knows an easier way.

click here

  hugh-265156 16:17 10 Oct 2003

if you do the above it will start in safe mode all the time i think.

just tap f5 or f8

  Pidder 18:42 10 Oct 2003

With Win 98SE I just hold down Ctrl at boot-up and then select the option of Safe Mode - Enter.

  trigger2 18:48 10 Oct 2003

thanks's much as i thought!
though worth a try :-]

  Stuartli 15:49 13 Oct 2003

You could also use Control>Alt>Delete and close down the programs from there before running ScanDisk or defragging.

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