Can't save/print a picture from a website?

  pj123 14:11 26 Jun 2007

One of my neighbours, who doesn’t have a computer, has asked me if I could print some pics from a website for him.

He belongs to 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles Re-enactment Group.

He has been told that there are some pictures of him on the site.

I logged on and right clicked on one of the pictures but there is no option to “Save Picture as”. There is an option to “Print” but when I tried that all I got was a completely Black A4 page.

I tried a screen dump and pasted in to PSP but because it is the whole screen and the picture is only part of it the quality, when I cropped it, isn’t very good.

I assume the site must have some sort of protection on it to stop people from downloading them. If that is the case why would they offer a “Print” mode, albeit it doesn’t appear to work anyway?

Anyway around this, legally? After all he only wants a picture or two of himself playing at soldiers.

  dan* 14:12 26 Jun 2007

Link to webpage?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:17 26 Jun 2007

Clear out your temp files (cache) and then visit the page; now navigate to the cache and the images will be there - you can open it up and print from there.

  pj123 15:11 26 Jun 2007

click here

Scroll down the links to Friends. He is the second one down "Tom".

Diodorus Siculus, thanks will give that a try.

I did send an email via the Contact Us yesterday but have had no response so far.

  Stuartli 15:23 26 Jun 2007

I'm surprised you don't get Copy image and other choices.

  brundle 15:41 26 Jun 2007

Site is made with Flash, hence only limited right-click options. Copy, paste and crop is the only answer unless you can unscramble flash files, or the site owner is willing to send you a copy of the image.

  Snec 20:13 26 Jun 2007

Send me your email address and I'll send you photo.

  umbongo(uk) 20:35 26 Jun 2007

pj123 follow these instructions
the easy way to capture internet image

get the image of tom in the centre of your screen now press the print screen key next to f12

now open windows paint

when paint is open go to the edit button 2nd right
select paste
now crop the image to the photo size of tom print or save the file and open with a diffrent photo pakage crop and resize ,print

  Kate B 20:38 26 Jun 2007

The site is built that way to prevent people doing what you're trying to do: it's called copyright protection. Please don't try and get round it - it's not fair on the owner of the copyright who has a right to be paid for his/her pictures. I hope you get a response to the email you've sent asking for them.

  umbongo(uk) 21:23 26 Jun 2007

kate please read he wants photos of himself at the reunion/reenactment if you go to link provided you will see tom sat at a machine gun an elderly gentleman surly we can bend the rules this once

there is no protection as most site,s dont implement it and im not even going to explain the process of it and why they dont £££££££££££

  Stuartli 00:29 27 Jun 2007

The copyright of the photograph still belongs to the photographer.

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