can't save web page in OPERA

  Sethhaniel 08:46 10 Oct 2005

is there an option???
In Internet Explorer save as HTML saves all page and pictures - OPERA just seems to get the page with no graphics - tried the different save as methods to no avail :0

  StuPC-2004 09:55 10 Oct 2005

You can save the session (File>Sessions>Save this session), but I think that's more like saving a bookmark than saving the actual code, images, etc.
I could be wrong...

  Simsy 11:23 10 Oct 2005

but it can be done...

When you get to the save dialogue, where it says HTML, use the dropdown to change it to "HTML file with images"

Far from obvious!!



  Sethhaniel 11:55 10 Oct 2005

done both of those options and nothing

tried the 'HTML file with images' but just get the html -
and the save session - is just a bookmark which retrieves the page - but a search for the name saved as reveals nothing on computer
so both option no good at moment ;0

  Simsy 13:15 10 Oct 2005

I've been using Opera in it's various flavours for ages... I've just, (and I mean just!), installed 8.5 and I'm having the same problem.

Let's see what they come up with at Opera!



  Sethhaniel 16:01 10 Oct 2005

as I noticed one of the download sites offers it with or without JAva ???

  Simsy 19:20 10 Oct 2005

but I have java installed.

It worked ok in the previous version.



  octal 19:52 10 Oct 2005

I've just tried saving this page and you are right, it just saves the index page as index.htm and nothing else, whereas when I save it with Firefox it saves as index.cfm.htm plus an additional folder called index.cfm_files which contains all the graphics, cascading style sheets and Java scripts, 25 files in all. When I open it in Nvu it looks as it should, obviously the index.htm file shows just the basic page with no graphics.

There seems to be no way of saving that important folder with all the files as far as I can see.

  Sethhaniel 08:27 11 Oct 2005

and have put Firefox on - which saves the page & folder as required - but neither Firefox or Opera seem to handle 'Alternative names'
i.e. move your mouse over the PC Advisor advert at the right of page and a box pops up saying 'click here' but in my ' Opera' and also in the newly installed 'Firefox' this feature doesn't work???

  Sethhaniel 13:44 13 Oct 2005

no good if it doesnt do simple task

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