cant save pictures

  carlinglover 19:39 29 May 2004

when i try to save a pic from the web and save it when i try to open it all i get is this annoying little square in the corner...
is it a setting i need to change or need summat to download?
pls help its driving me nuts lol

  Night Ryder 20:21 29 May 2004

Can you have a look at the file and let me know what the file extension is? It may be something like this. (.bmp .mpg) If so I may be able to help you.

  Tony uk 20:41 29 May 2004

are you using AOL by any chance ?

  Night Ryder 21:05 29 May 2004

No, sorry I'm not an AOL cutomer.

  Fruit Bat 21:07 29 May 2004


tools, internet options, advanced, scroll down to multimedia make sure the seventh box is unticked.

  carlinglover 22:07 29 May 2004

yes i am on aol dial up...

  carlinglover 22:10 29 May 2004

FRUIT BAT.. the 7th box was unticked so its not that but ty

  carlinglover 22:25 29 May 2004

it always used to work but for some reason i can get the pics now so im not so sure its aol thats causing the problem.. but may well be wrong as we updated recently to aol 9

  Tony uk 23:14 29 May 2004

On the AOL homepage click settings at the top then click on internet web browser settings where it says web graphics click never compress.

try this

  carlinglover 08:34 30 May 2004

Tony uk

that was it i did as you said and it now works.. knew it would be a simple setting but as i didnt know which one it drove me nuts..
thanx for putting me out of my misery.. cheers to you and ty to all others that gave advice..
cheers epole and have fun


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