Can't save passwords!!

  xoc 22:04 01 Nov 2003

Recently found that I had lost the ability to save login passwords, even tho' I had ticked the "Remember my password" boxes.
And on some sites I have to re-enter my user name and password to gain entry.
This can be a nuisance, especially as my age doesn't lend to an improved memory (mine! not my PC's)
Any ideas!

  Pesala 22:10 01 Nov 2003

Opera has a Wand tool that you can tell to remember your login details for a specific page. One click of the wand is usually all it takes. Sometimes you have to place the continue button too.

Otherwise, check your cookie settings. As far as I know, all websites will need cookies to be enabled to remember your details.

  Pesala 22:12 01 Nov 2003
  xoc 22:38 01 Nov 2003

Thanks Pesala for the speedy response.
Your reference to cookies rings a bell, as I did something re cookies recently, but thought I had retained the important ones.Would appreciate if you could remind me how to check if cookies are enabled, and if so , how can I check that I actually have the relevant cookies?
Thanks for the link to Opera Wand!
Will check it out.

  Pesala 22:45 01 Nov 2003

First of all on the General Tab, if you have deleted cookies you will have to re-enter all info again.

Then check the settings on the Privacy tab. If privacy is set too high, you may have problems. I don't use IE so cannot say which setting you will need to use.

  xoc 23:05 01 Nov 2003

Thanks again Pesala,you got it right first time. I had ticked"over-ride automatic cookie handling"
have unticked it now, and have been able to check my cookies by going into "edit"
I assume that I will have to re-start before getting results , but will report result!

  Stuartli 09:05 02 Nov 2003

If you tick Override automatic cookie handling and enable First and Third party cookies (you couldn't get on this website for a start without this), you should cure your problems.

You can also check Allow Session Cookies if you wish, but if you go to IE's Help pages and key in "cookies" you'll find a full explanation of the various types of cookies and what steps to take to control them.

As usual, Microsoft's Help pages prove extremely informative and very comprehensive - that's why they are there..:-)

  Wak 11:10 02 Nov 2003

I would also suggest that you try COOKIE JAR, a little free program which saves all the good cookies you need and deletes all the others at the end of a session (unless you decide that a new cookies should be saved).

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