cant save jpg in photoshop cs

  Binary Ghost (the only Paul) 17:48 19 Jun 2006

when i go to save my work on photoshop as jpg/jpeg, the option has disapeared. its worked before as iv managed to save as jpeg, iv flatternd the image but is still not working. i heard that if its in CMYK sometimes it doesnt work but im in RGB. also many other of the saving options have disapeared. Any suggestions?

  woodchip 21:56 19 Jun 2006

Try Save as and give it a new name

  woodchip 21:58 19 Jun 2006

Once you have saved a file you only have to click save and it overwrites the old file, you should not have to choose Jpg if it's already Jpg

  hssutton 22:03 19 Jun 2006

Are these 16 bit files? you can only save 8 bit as Jpg

  David4637 16:10 20 Jun 2006

Are you sure you flatterned the image before you save as a jpg. You can't if you have not. David

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