muscic lover 10:12 29 Sep 2004

I am using windows Me, with a decent enough set up.
I recently bought a new Hard disk after a rather fatal crash of my older one.

My problem is:

I can't save pictures in micro$oft paint as JPEGS! I have micr$oft word and can manipulate pictures well enough for what i want, but I can not save a picture from the net as a JPEG. The save box lets me save as a BMP file only.

My friends are peeved as the BMP files take ages to download.....

Ideas on the back of a £10 note or posted here!

  JonnyTub 10:14 29 Sep 2004

have you used to the drop down box change the format?

  VoG II 10:15 29 Sep 2004
  muscic lover 10:25 29 Sep 2004

Can now save piccies from internet explorer as JPEGS......

But still unable to save anything as a JPEG when using will only allow options of various .BMP's any further ideas Vog?? or anybody else??

  Old Shep 10:30 29 Sep 2004

This is a good free program to make your pics smaller for e.mailing click here I did one yesterday it was 8.41mb and after resizing it was 57.6kb with no loss of quality.

  beeuuem 12:06 29 Sep 2004

Go to Start, Run, type REGEDIT, and click OK. Go to this key by clicking the + signs beside the keys (folders):

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Graphics Filters\Export\JPEG.

Click on the "JPEG" key (folder) in the left pane, and you'll see a String Value in the right pane with the name "Extensions". Make sure under the "Data" column it shows only "jpg". If it shows "jpg, jpeg", double-click on the "Extensions" string and from the "Value data" field remove "jpeg" so that it only reads "jpg" (without the quotes).

  sattman 20:34 29 Sep 2004

If left click will not work, have you tried right click and save "as" on the drop down box?.

  muscic lover 10:59 30 Sep 2004

thanks beeuuem,

navigated beautifully to the registry and saw it was all as it should be!

However, with it all being as it should be..... I still can't save jpegs from MS Paint. Do you have any further ideas?? Sledgehammer is not really a viable option though... he he he.

Thanks though for your ideas.

  Confab 12:19 30 Sep 2004
  Sethhaniel 13:57 30 Sep 2004

Best all round program that saves as JPG along with loads of other formats is IRFANVIEW ;0)

  Confab 14:33 30 Sep 2004

"Maybe MS PAINT only supports BMP" - No it doesn't. See my "click here"


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