can't save a file in word XP

  fonzpower 16:57 10 Sep 2003

I have a problem in Word XP, sometimes, when I want to save a document, Word XP closes down, without saving anything.
Anyone got an idea ?

  -pops- 18:06 10 Sep 2003

Try a repair of Word. Click on "Help" at the top of the screen and then "Detect and Repair". Follow the instructions. You will need the disk with Word on it.

  wee eddie 20:20 10 Sep 2003

Which method are you using to Save?

I have noticed that when you click File, the box opens with Save as the only option, but the arrows to open other options are immediately below it.

If you accidentally click these arrows, the Close command is immediately beneath your pointer.

  fonzpower 20:49 10 Sep 2003

doesn't matter how I save, by clicking the icon or the command 'save' or 'save as', and it doesn't happen all the time, anyway, it's only the last few days I encountered this problem, and I've been using Word for several years already, without this problem

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