Can't run a DOS game

  Bob The Nob© 11:35 15 Nov 2004

I run windows 98 and I have a DOS game called Janes ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighters. It can't run in windows so I have to restaet in DOS. The only problem is DOS can't find my CD-ROM and mouse. I have a mouse driver and If I start from a boot-disc I can use my CD-ROM but then I don't have enough Memory because the RAM drive is using it. how can I run it?? I don't know the CD-ROM manufacturer as its not labeledbut I know the boot disc uses OAKCDROM.sys or something.(is this a universal driver?) All I want is to play a game!!!


  Gongoozler 12:20 15 Nov 2004

Can you copy the CD to hard drive and run the game from there?

  ACOLYTE 12:21 15 Nov 2004

You can get a dos mouse here click here

to run it in dos type c:/msmouse.exe
then it will load

Then you need to add the following to the config.sys file


the buffers can be matching ie: 10/10, 40/40
what ever the game needs

you restart in dos load the mouse,then the game it needs to be installed on the pc and you need to know the path ie:c:/progamfiles/(game .exe)
i have run dos games like this on 98 but im not gonna say it will work just gives you a place to start.You can always delete what you put in config.sys after.

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