Cant run any games anymore

  latexflame 20:50 17 Nov 2016


Ive been having a lot of troubles with my Pc lately, around 2 days ago i got a blue screen saying Watchdog error along with my internet download speed going from 5mb/s to 700kb/s and the games where i usually get a average of 150+ frames i cant even get a steady 20. Ive tried updating all my drivers but got no luck.

Specs: Intel Core i7 6700K / 4.00GHz Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB 2666MHz DDR4 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Asus PG279Q ROG Swift 27-inch 165Hz Operating on Win 10

  Archonar 22:50 17 Nov 2016

If it was a "Watchdog Violation" I believe those are caused by issues with drivers, and often SSD's. I'm not sure whether this will help since you said it was working fine before but I would try and update the firmware for your SSD (if you have one) and see if that helps. Since your wireless speed has dropped maybe also try updating your wireless drivers? I know you said you have already updated drivers but maybe you forget them.

If not then maybe a virus scan? Just as a precaution to make sure that it's nothing malware related.

  latexflame 23:33 17 Nov 2016


Both my SSD Drivers are up to date, Did a Malware and Virus scan and nothing threatening showed up. Ive got Wired internet.

  latexflame 00:27 18 Nov 2016

I have tried this before but again no luck

  Archonar 08:50 18 Nov 2016

Did it only crash the one time or has it happened since then?

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