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Can't restore backup "image" files.

  mgmcc 16:45 31 Jul 2011

This is a strange one. I have an Acer Revo "Net-Top", originally Linux but I installed XP in it.

I have always been able to restore Acronis True Image backups until a few days ago. I was trying Macrium Reflect and tested restoring a backup which didn't work. I then tried Acronis as usual and that also failed, it just hung. I'm booting from the "bootable recovery media" (SD card for Acronis, CD for Macrium.)

I removed the existing partition and then clean installed XP SP3 to see if I could restore my Acronis backup, but it still just hangs. I'm at a loss to know what has changed to prevent either Acronis or Macrium from being able to restore a backup. It's almost as if the hard drive is somehow locked, although both programs do find it and the XP CD can reinstall Windows.

  T0SH 19:38 31 Jul 2011

Use one of the many zero fill drive utilities available for download to reset the drive to the way it came out the box initialise it then restore the acronis image

I must admit I never had any luck trying to restore with the Macrium utility , but usually if you can mount the Acronis image and browse it you will not have any problems restoring it

Cheers HC

  mgmcc 21:54 31 Jul 2011

Thanks for the replies. I ran the Acronis Disk Cleanser on the "Bootable Recovery Media", which does a single pass zero fill but that hasn't made any difference. Worse still, I think Macrium has also messed up my Win 7 Desktop and Laptop. Just tried creating and restoring an Acronis backup in the Desktop and it won't restore either.

  mgmcc 22:13 31 Jul 2011

"System restore to before the macrium install?"

In the Acer-Revo, there is now no operating system installed. If the drive is now "as new", it should be possible to restore the Acronis image into the clean drive, but it doesn't work.

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