Can't remove old WiFi network

  Picklefactory 17:53 12 Aug 2017

Hi folks. Wondering if anyone has any ideas? I have a Virgin Superhub, and recently reset my network due to connection/dropping issues. I renamed the primary SSID (In fact I only use the primary) to a new network SSID name and new password, but the old, original network still appears in the available WiFi list of any device connecting, and I can still connect to the old network with the old password, so it is definitely still there and functioning. The Superhub settings through my browser only show the new network, so I cannot see the old one anywhere there to delete it. Has anyone seen a similar issue? Thanks

  britto 18:18 12 Aug 2017

Could be you need to restore the superhub to factory default before setting up the new network.

  Picklefactory 18:24 12 Aug 2017

Thanks britto, could be a good shout. If I can brave kicking the kids and the missus off Netflix and internet for an hour, I'll give that a bash. :o)

  Picklefactory 18:25 12 Aug 2017

Weird... PCA doesn't appear to like my browser, or vice versa. Refreshing has caused repeated replies.

  BRYNIT 20:25 12 Aug 2017

Windows will still remember your old SIDD name. If you are using Windows 10 go to network and internet settings - WiFi - Manage known networks, click on the network you want to remove and select forget.

  Picklefactory 20:31 12 Aug 2017

Thanks Brynit. Would that cause it to still be visible to phones etc?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:07 13 Aug 2017

I renamed the primary SSID................ to a new network SSID name and new password.............

If your Superhub is a fairly recent model then it'll have two SSIDs - one for the 5GHz band one for 2.4GHz. If you only renamed one of them then that would explain what's going on. Have a closer look at your Superhub's wireless network settings.

  Picklefactory 09:28 13 Aug 2017

Hmm... I did dabble with moving from 2.4 to 5 a while ago. Maybe I created a 2nd when I did that? Thanks squirrel

  Picklefactory 15:53 10 Sep 2017

Hi folks. Back again. Been a while, but with holidays and workload, haven't had a chance to dabble. I wonder if anyone might have any further suggestions? Right, all of the above has not worked. Here's current update. I have my WiFi Virgin Superhub 1 connected to my desktop PC via Ethernet cable, as my PC does not have a wireless card. I have also tried to get my wireless items (Phones, laptops etc) to forget the original network. I have also installed a WiFi analyser on my Chromebook. I have performed a full factory reset of the Superhub router and also followed Virgins preferred means of rebooting, ie. Complete power disconnect for 2 mins. Now as soon as I restart the router and before I make a single alteration to any router settings I go check on my Chromebook and find that it is seeing the default WiFi SSID of the now reset router PLUS my original SSID, which I cannot remove for love nor money. I can connect to both networks even though they both have seperate passwords and they both give me a working wifi connection. The factory reset does not appear to have had any effect whatsoever on the old network. I think Secret Squirrel is correct in that I have previously changed WiFi band from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz to see if I gained/lost anything in signal strength, and on my analyser software it is showing one network on each band. From what I've managed to research, the newer Superhubs will only allow 2.4 OR 5.0, but the SH1 can transmit two. I can't find anything online so far of a similar issue. Any thoughts, please? Thanks

  Secret-Squirrel 09:01 11 Sep 2017

I don't know what's going on there pickle. If you've properly checked your Superhub's wireless settings then I don't know what else to suggest.

I have my WiFi Virgin Superhub 1

In that case you may be eligible for a free upgrade to the latest model. Give Virgin a ring, mention your connection problems, and see what they can do for you.

  Picklefactory 16:54 11 Sep 2017

Thanks SS. I think that'll have to be my best bet. I have been keeping that as a last resort, as I'm not looking forward to the 45min call to go through their obligatory check list of all the things I've already tried (I know they have no choice, but it's still frustrating). Plus it's pot luck if I manage to get someone with a good grasp of the English language, I sometimes struggle to understand them, as Virgin use overseas call centres. But hey ho.....if I pour a nice glass of Nero d'Avola before the call, it should be bearable. :o)

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