Can't remove highlights from text

  griffo 15:09 05 Oct 2005

we have one member of our 'team' who is using Open Office (1.9 I think), the rest use MS Office. We generate documents that need editing, with the relevant sections of text highlighted for quick identification. This person (OO user)sometimes either cannot remove the highlighting or forgets to (!). We are finding that we cannot remove the highlighting on the returned documents, even though they have been saved on the 'server' as a MS Word doc.

Does anyone know a solution for this please?

  octal 18:52 05 Oct 2005

I don't think there is a solution. I use and like Open Office, but is not that compatible with Microsoft office because certain elements are not supported as you are finding out.

I use Microsoft Office at work, but if I do any work at home for work I've got to compile it in Microsoft Office, luckily it works on my Linux machine. Sorry about the bad news. Why don't you all use Open Office? I think its much more versatile than MS Office.

I don't think our IT department would take kindly to converting 2500 terminals to OO, so I've got to carry on using it at work.

  johnnyrocker 19:06 05 Oct 2005

open office 2 is ms compatible and still free.


  Peter 19:09 05 Oct 2005


In Microsoft Word, highlight the problem (highlighted) text, i.e swipe over it with the mouse, and then use the Control+Shift+N key combination to make the text "normal". You should then be able to use the "Format Painter" button to copy the format of some nearby text.


  Simsy 19:18 05 Oct 2005

MS Office and OpenOffice, (for testing purposes) on my PC here at home.

I agree that something highlighted in OO then opened in MS doesn't appear to want to have the highlighting removed...

at least that's the case if you use the "conventional" method of selecting the highlighted section and then using the highlighting tool apply "none"...

However, I've found that if, instead, you use the format painter tool, (looks like a paintbrush), and use it to copy a non highlighted section, you can paste this format over the bit in question and it removes the fighlight.

I hope I've made this clear!

And I hope it works for you!!



  Simsy 19:22 05 Oct 2005

slow typing and dialup!

Interestingly, I've also discovered that it appears to be the opposite when going the other way round; In OO the format painter method doesn't work, but the "none" choice for highlight does!



  griffo 09:29 06 Oct 2005

thanks for the replies folks. We will try your suggested solutions and post the results. It may be tomorrow before I can do it, but will post the outcome.


  griffo 15:02 06 Oct 2005

It worked - thanks very much.

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