Cant remember password

  misters 12:24 23 May 2010

Hi my daughter has completely forgotten her pass word to her dell laptop, she doesnt have a pw recovery disc, is ther any other way of by passing this or would a clean install need to be done which i dont mind as i think there was a lot of c**p on the laptop anyway.

If a clean install is recommended how would i go about it without needing the password?
Thanx in advance

  Taff™ 13:14 23 May 2010

Which password do you mean? Is it the log in password for her user name after windows has started or the boot password to get windows to load in the first place. Also which operating system do you have? (XP,Vista or Windows 7?)

Finally does anyone else have a log in to this machine?

  ronalddonald 13:47 23 May 2010

if you can access the BIOS write down all the settings on paper.

Put them someewhere safe.

now im not sure if the files in drive will be deleted so do a back up onto external drive if possible if not its your choice.

Power down open remove battery the big long one. Press and hold power button for 50 secs

make sure computer is cooled down. get yourself grounded with those wrist strap grounders.

open back by unscrewing and take out the CMOS battery. leave it for a day i suppose.

insert it back makes sure your grounded

replace screw the big battery and turn it on now you have to reset the BIOS thats where that early info you wrote comes into play

  ronalddonald 13:48 23 May 2010

next time write the bl**dy password down somewhere where only she can find

  ronalddonald 13:58 23 May 2010

oh yeah consult the book that came with the computer it may be on the disk as a PDF

  misters 10:40 24 May 2010

Its the log in password and no theres no other user for this laptop , its a dell and the operating system is vista home.

Dont want to try ronalddonalds way as it far to complicated for me i'm just a humble pc user not technical a tall i did mention a clean instal would be ok.

Any more suggestions, thanks.

  seefuu1 11:49 24 May 2010

click here

The site above should be all you need!

  Taff™ 01:55 25 May 2010

OK I`m back! Boot the computer and go into Safe Mode" by pressing the F8 key, every second after the POST Screen appears, which is the white text on black background. Use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode. You should get into safe mode and be patient because sometimes it sticks on one driver, usually a graphics card. This can take 2 minutes or more - check that the hard disk light is flashing on the Laptop/tower which means it is working.

When you get into Safe Mode accept all the warnings and log in as an Administrator account. Now go to the Start Button>Control Panel>User Accounts and select your daughters account and choose the option to remove the password.

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