Can't reinstall windows on a Netbook

  kjrider 16:59 27 Oct 2012

A friend has given me his Inspiron 910 Netbook to reinstall Windows XP home. It is a 1ghz CPU, 1Gb RAM, 7Gb SSD.

I plug in a USB CD drive, and the Windows install CD seems to go OK, until it restarts, and goes back to the CD, trying to install it again. (It comes up with 'no operating syste.')

I have followed the manual exactly to do a reinstall - any idea what I am doing wrong?

My own laptop, I fitted a 120Gb SSD and have had no trouble with it.


  Sea Urchin 18:20 27 Oct 2012

You say all seems to go well until a restart - when that happens you will probably receive the message "press any key to reboot from CD" - you should ignore that and let it reboot as it wants. You only "press any key" the first time it appears at the very beginning of the reinstall.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:20 27 Oct 2012

until it restarts,

take the cd out it should then try to start of the SSD provided the SDD is recognised as a boot device in BIOS.

  kjrider 08:21 28 Oct 2012

Thank you. I have checked the bios, and changed it from HD to CD boot, etc. When I take the CD out, it comes up with 'operating system not found.'

Someone suggested it might have been a virus, so I used DBAN to get rid of anything that might have stayed on the SSD, without any difference.

Any ideas welcome.


  LanceAlot 09:27 28 Oct 2012

Are there any marks or scratches on the disc?

  ened 11:48 28 Oct 2012

Hi kjrider

Not wishing to hi-jack your thread but I am experiencing an identical problem with a Dell mini.

I am borrowing an external cd drive tomorrow and hope to be able to re-install xp.

What were you going to do about the drivers? Is there such a thing as a single download which will let you have them all?

Before you started this was your battery charging? The model I have gave the message 'plugged in: not charging'!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:29 28 Oct 2012

I have checked the bios, and changed it from HD to CD boot,

CD boot as first boot

HDD as second

if only bootdevice is set as CD this is why no op system when CD removed.

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