Can't register Steam to play HL2

  ramjam69 00:34 27 Dec 2004

Hi, I am unable to open an account with Steam to play Half Life2. I enter the details on the Steam - Create Account screen and it tells me that I can't complete this operation in offline mode, even though I'm online. If I try and continue, I get the error message"steamprocesscall(create account)(0xab0006,0x15ecf04,0x1515efd0c)failed with error 201: cannot perform this operation offline" What the hell is this all about? Has anyone else had this error message and sorted it out?
My computer is a time 2400+ with an amd athlon xp2400+ processor, geforceFX5600xt graphics and 512 MB pc2100 ram

  Cook2 00:37 27 Dec 2004

Type Half Life in the search, on the left, and you'll find many threads on the subject.

  Curio 11:09 27 Dec 2004

My son had similar type of problem and found that after disabling his Firewall, everything went smoothly.

  ramjam69 11:21 27 Dec 2004

yes, tried that, still no joy. I see that people have either been lucky and got on 1st time or have been like me, fannying around for ages trying to play a game they've waited ages to play. I understand Valve's relience on this to cut out the pirates, but it's all a bit too draconian for my liking

  ACOLYTE 11:35 27 Dec 2004

I read somwhere that if you ever finish the game and wont to get rid you have to sell the steam account as well because its locked to that serial code,thats not much good if you have CS or other games on the same account,still dont know if its true.

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