Cant record from stereo...

  toon_mad 12:51 05 Dec 2008

Hi, ive just bought a adapter that fits straight into my sound card and allows me to connect red and white RCA cable (its in the blue socket). My stereo is a few year old but im trying to connect to pc to record some old cassettes. The problem is when it records the best quality i have got is loud buzzing with the music playing slightly.

Using XP and JetAudio to record. Xp sound recorder always says i dont have enough memory (4x1gb ddr2)

Any suggestions?


  hiwatt 13:03 05 Dec 2008

I use audacity(free)click here to record from my hifi to my computer.Connect a lead to the headphone socket/line out on your tape deck/amp and plug it into the mic socket/line in on your computer.So you don't get any distortion don't have the volume up too loud on your hifi and go to start/control panel/audio on your computer and adjust the volume there.

  hastelloy 13:11 05 Dec 2008

earthing your hifi to your PC might stop it.

  toon_mad 13:20 05 Dec 2008

thanks will check it out, a quick question. where am i connecting the cables, to my sound card blue socket, or the sockets higher up the tower?

  toon_mad 13:35 05 Dec 2008

just noticed i can install realtek software, but when i do i get no sound at all, how can i install realtek drivers only? I must have something connected wrong audacity picks nothing up.

And do i leave my stereo speakers connected as normal?

Many Thanks

  DieSse 13:44 05 Dec 2008

From what on the stereo are you connecting to the Blue socket on the PC?

  lofty29 13:44 05 Dec 2008

Firstly you should only have one set of sound card 3.5mm sockets either three or four, line-in, line-out,mic,headphones. the line-in setting normally has to be quite low, and the balance on both the line-in on control panel and line-in on audacity have to match to avoid distortion, make sure that audacity is correctly selected ie line-in or mic depending on where you have plugged into,

  lofty29 13:53 05 Dec 2008

Check on audacity tool bar- edit-preferences-audio I/O set to via AC'97 audio(wave). for playback and recording and stereo. once you have checked your hi-fi is playing you should not need the speakers as the audio should come through you pc speakers,

  lofty29 13:56 05 Dec 2008

PS as far as not having enough memory is concerned how much spare have you got on you hard drive as recording audio takes up quite a bit.

  hiwatt 14:04 05 Dec 2008

Your stereo speakers don't have anything to do with it.When you connect your hifi to your computer audacity won't pick anything up untill you click on the record function.The mic socket on my computer is green.It should have a small mic symbol beside it.

  toon_mad 14:46 05 Dec 2008

I have my 5.1 desktop speakers, which occupy orange,black and green on the soundcard. So using the adapter i got similiar to click here, i connect the red and white rca cables to this adapter, and im assuming the adapter plugs into the blue circle on the sound card. From the adapter the red and white rca cables connect to my stereo.

i have a 500gb hd so free space is not a problem regarding the xp sound recorder

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