Can't receive links via email...

  nick_j007 22:18 03 Aug 2005

Hi all.

A colleague cannot send me email links it would seem. Even if I try to send myself a link it will come to me as a failure.

I use Incredimail (paid up version) on an XP PC.

I have two email addresses listed on my account. If my friend sends a link to one address it goes through fine, if the other it simply returns to him. The same will happen to me if I send them to myself from my own PC.

Not sure if I'm taking you up the wrong path when I tell you that on the emails that are unsuccessful I get:
550 Error: Message content rejected.
I have tried turning my junk filter off, but the problem persists.
I generally can send and retrieve messages using both accounts otherwise.

Yours perplexed.


  scotty 09:33 04 Aug 2005

Most email programs have an option to remove possibly unsafe content. You have not said which program you are using but there is should be a Tools menu under which you will find Options. Look in there for a setting about removing unsafe attachments (or something similar).

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