can`t reboot after installing SP2

  the lone ranger 12:59 01 Feb 2005

I installed SP2 last night for my girlfriend (xp pro)and after installation the re-boot wouldn`t complete. A screen comes up saying it has recovered from a sytem failure (I think) and offers the choice to start in safe, safe with connections etc, last known good config and as normal. You guys all know what I mean I`m sure, but no matter what method I choose, the HDD has a couple of whirrs and clicks and goes back to the same menu to start-up. It won`t open in any method.
Funny thing mate also d/loaded sp2 last night and has exactly the same problem.


  wags 13:18 01 Feb 2005

I loaded SP2 from CD last night but after doing so the PC would 'hang' on loading windows and when I eventually managed to get to the desktop, none of the USB devices, including my ADSL modem would work. I did a system restore to get back to the point just before installing SP2 and all is well now.

I only attempted SP2, because I'm having problems with a game starting and it was suggested that SP2 'may' solve the problem....

So, for now I'm staying well clear of SP2 !

  wags 13:20 01 Feb 2005

I should have added, try getting into Safe mode first and choose system restore from there.

  ACOLYTE 13:25 01 Feb 2005

This doesnt help but when i installed SP2 i did it with a clean install no other programs loaded just xp,and it worked like a dream.Can you try booting from the windows cd and doing a repair? i dont know if it will work,other than that it may mean a format and reinstall.Others may know more about it,as i said i never had this problem so never had to fix it.

  the lone ranger 14:15 01 Feb 2005

thanks WAGS but I can`t even get it to start up in safe mode.
She didn`t have the disc so couldn`t try from that.

  StuPC-2004 14:24 01 Feb 2005

I had the EXACT same thing happen with mine after I tried to install, Lone Ranger. Everything seemed to go well, until I restarted my PC, and then it wouldn't boot in any mode - safe or otherwise.
I had to do a reinstall from the original Windows XP Pro installation disc.

Sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear... :-(

  ACOLYTE 14:27 01 Feb 2005

You could try click here the xp boot up floppy you would need to copy it to a floppy and use it on her pc.Or this click here

  scotty 14:46 01 Feb 2005

Is the processor Athlon 64 bit? I recall reading about SP2 problem associated with a feature available on Athlon 64 processors. It was in a forum on this site relating to SP2 but links to it are no longer there.

  the lone ranger 15:22 01 Feb 2005

Not sure at this moment SCOTTY

  the lone ranger 21:03 01 Feb 2005


  TD1264 19:11 14 Feb 2005

Same problem here too.
Try disconnecting anything you have attached via USB. We had (have!) same problem - after installing SP2, PC will not boot up if printer is attached via USB, just goes round the same loop.
Once we disconnected the printer it booted up.

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