Can't read saved e-mail

  Noels 16:58 13 Jun 2007

Wrote and sent an e-mail and saved ie Save As.Which was saved to my documents via Word.
When I open Word and try to read e-mail its all in code. Question, is it possible to read as the original?

  brundle 17:02 13 Jun 2007

It will be in .eml format unless you are talking about an attachment in .doc format that you saved. This could also present problems as Office 2007 uses .docx documents which are not compatible with older versions of Word.

  Jackcoms 17:10 13 Jun 2007

Why did you save as 'Save As'?

Isn't the e-mail in the Sent box of your e-mail client?

  Noels 17:39 13 Jun 2007

My son has just told me so.
I don't normally save e-mails I usually print them and save that way but I was in a hurry and just clicked "Save AS"
My son who is always right (sometimes)says I should have written it in Word and sent it as an attachment. Of course I should but I didn't and I would now like to print what I sent if at all possible.
Before anyone asks I deleted what I sent from O.E.
S o S. Stands for silly old sod.
Regards Noels.

  Jackcoms 17:56 13 Jun 2007

"Before anyone asks I deleted what I sent from O.E."

Is it, perchance, in the OE Deleted Items folder?

  Noels 18:10 13 Jun 2007

Unfortunately No.
I won't be around for a few days so have tidied everthing away as I didn't want to return to alot of old mail.
Never mind we all learn by our mistakes.
I'll now tick this as resolved.
Many thanks

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