Cant read Msgtag messages on my email

  sharpyspooksuk 20:07 14 May 2006

Hi. I use a web based email like yahoo and excite called and I have this problem. Everytime I try and read their MSGTAG messages I get an error saying Ive got to show images. I do that and I still cant read the emails. The error message I get is Some person requires a confirmation of receipt for this email.

To accept this message, please follow the instructions below. This allows you to read the message and lets Brett Kennedy know when you have received it.

Microsoft Outlook Express: click the "Click here to download pictures" text above this message.
Microsoft Outlook 2003: click the "Click here to download pictures" text above this message, then select "Download pictures" from the popup menu.
Mozilla Thunderbird: click the "Show Images" button above this message.
This message has been encoded with MSGTAG Mutual Mail. For more information about how MSGTAG works, or if you are having trouble viewing this message, please visit the MSGTAG information page.

I dont use any of them programs listed above. Do I need to install MSGTAG myself or what else can I do

  SANTOS7 20:17 14 May 2006


  €dstowe 22:18 14 May 2006

If you are the recipient of msg tagged emails, you shouldn't need to do anything. It is part of the msgtag system that it automatically sends a message to the sender that the mail has been opened.

I have used msgtag for many years now and never seen anything like you are experiencing. Ask your send to look at it at his end.

  colberly 09:12 15 May 2006

Some recipients who use Yahoo and other web based e mails do appear to have difficulty with reading MSGTAGged mail.

  colberly 09:14 15 May 2006

Sorry meant to add if I know of this then I just turn MSGTAG off, you could perhaps ask them to do the same when e mailing you.

  €dstowe 09:25 15 May 2006

Perhaps the difference with my msgtag is that I have the paid-for version in which there is no indication to the recipient that the message is tagged.

Even so, I've never heard of this effect - interesting!

  colberly 11:57 15 May 2006

I also have the MSGTAG paid for version, and there is an indication to the recipient as a few have informed me.

  €dstowe 14:59 15 May 2006

I think the indicator is switchable, isn't it? (Just checked, yes, it is).

For several reasons, I don't wish (some of) my recipients to know that the message is tagged so any indicator on the message at their end would defeat at least part of the object of my having it.

  palinka 18:40 15 May 2006

It sounds really wierd to me. I've used MSGTAG for several years and regularly email a couple of hundred contacts in my address book. None of them has ever reported a message like sharpyspooksuk has received. I use the free version.

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