Can't read A: a mechanical problem solved.

  Diemmess 18:15 13 Oct 2003

So many threads recently about drive A: failure.
I have thrown away several floppy disks over the summer because Windows either hung or announced that A: didn't have a disk, or offered to format the Floppy.

Today I was upset because an ancient but important floppy wouldn't read. A nearby friend could read it easily, as could I if I tried a different disk in my drive.

Bought a new drive and it failed to read any disk!
.......until I pulled the plastic front cover off the box again, and in full frontal nudity it was putty in my hands.

The case is about 3 years old, has a bulgy horrid press home front, but is a doddle undeneath where panels lift off and the guts are available without serious man-handling. ....... The slot for drive A: is narrow to guide the disk in. almost too narrow to recover it later without slender oriental fingers, and if the floppy drive is set back it is even mor difficult to remove a disk.
If it is set forward the spacer eject button always presses just a little too hard to allow the disk to drop completely home.

I savaged the plastic front with an abrasive stone and all is well again...... Anyone with a similar problem could set the drive deeper, but almost need a pair of tweezers to rescue a discharged floppy.

The reason it would read some floppys and not others seems due to minute variations in the manufactured thickness of the disk.

Will leave this open for a spell in case anyone's problem fits this answer!

  Diemmess 19:37 13 Oct 2003

Yes, I am a bit ashamed at forgetting the exciting day when I assembled the bits in that box and switched on finding everything working fine........... until I pushed the front cover on.

'Should have remembered, but I suppose the incremental changes that took place over the years as I played around with replacement Mobo and moving HDs around crept up on me without me noticing. You never know, but I hope someone else finds his problem fits my answer.

  graham√ 20:28 13 Oct 2003

Thanks for that. It will spring to mind if I ever have a floppy problem.

  Stuartli 14:55 14 Oct 2003

Strangely enough I cured a similar fault for a friend about a month ago, who had had a student friend unable to use his system's floppy drive to allow work on a project.

I couldn't get a floppy to work either but, after taking off the quick remove case front, I discovered that the cover's integral push button release for the floppy was not coming out just quite far enough after inserting a disk.

That meant the drive was whirring etc but because the release was not extending sufficiently after insertion couldn't read the disk.

Examination of the case cover's push button construction revealed a spring and "working" this a few times, plus a small application of WD40, cured the problem, allowing the release button to allow the floppy drive's own button to come out far enough when a disk was inserted.

A simple cure but puzzling to solve orginally...

  Diemmess 10:22 15 Oct 2003

Its uncanny how a box of tricks like a computer will always break the rules at some point with the thing you never thought of!

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