cant read files on a nero multisession dvd

  elopes77 06:51 28 Nov 2005

i did a serch on this website to see if somebody else had the same problem i did. luckily i found someone and read the post and tried what was written down but it didnt work.i downloaded all the updates and something called a "multimounter" read the "read me" file and changed the settings that it called for. i cant read the files thats on the disc and when i open it up in nero it shows that there are files on the disc but it doesnt show which files are the stats of the setup im using:

windows xp w/ sp2
hp lightscribe dvd burner

these dvds that i have burned contain some really important stuff on it so any help will be EXTREMELY helpful. thank you

  Skyver 08:37 28 Nov 2005

Were the discs burned with Nero? Are you sure the files are not just hidden? Shouldn't need any additional software to read multi-session DVD's - maybe they were written in packet-writing mode with InCD.

  ribo 09:20 28 Nov 2005

Do not know if this helps.As I am assuming that you are trying to read them in your DVD Rom. If they will not read in the DVD writer that created them,then I cannot help.
I burnt my DVD's (multsession} with nero. I did get a message prior to burning,saying that some DVD drives will not read the disks. I went ahaead and my DVD Rom will not read them. I read them in the DVD writer that created them. I took them to a friend and they read ok on his DVD Rom,so assume my DVD Rom is the culprit. J

  elopes77 23:57 28 Nov 2005

the discs were burned on nero and i too got a message saying something about only being able to read on a xp system and something about udf.i dunno if this helps any but when the disc is in the drive and i click on it in windows explorer its saying that its a cd with 0 bytes.i dont understand why when it is in the dvd drive. i've tried it on another computer with almost the exact same setup (different cd/dvd drives) and it still doesnt show up. if i make a copy of the disc will i have the same problem i wonder or would it at least show what files are on it like a normal data disc?

thanks for all the help so far but this is really racking my brain.

  elopes77 23:59 28 Nov 2005

or maybe theres a setting in windows that i might need to change to be able to read these discs?

  ribo 15:02 29 Nov 2005

I am sorry I am unable to help further.
Can you read it in the DVD writer drive that you created it in? or are you saying you cann't?
I do not know of any setting that need changing.
As I said that although I cannot read my multisessions CD's in my DVD Rom drive,I can read them in the DVD writer drive.J

  pj123 16:32 29 Nov 2005

As an experiment I have just tried to burn a UDF multisession DVD using Nero

I transferred 1.8gb of files and then clicked on "Burns the Current Compilation".

I then get a window which says:

"Warning! You are about to create a multisession write once DVD disc. Session No. 2 and above will not be readable with some DVD-ROM drives and operating systems prior to Windows XP".

I tried doing the same thing as an ISO file and got exactly the same thing. I am on Win 98SE so maybe that is the reason. But if Nero offers those options then I would assume they would work.

I cancelled both operations as there would be no point in burning a DVD that I couldn't read/add to at a later date.

  elopes77 21:17 29 Nov 2005

it wont read the files on the disc in the dvd burner when i try to open it in windows explorer but when i'm in nero and click on disc info it reads the disc and it says that i have files on it and shows how much used space is on it but it wont show which files are on it.


thats the same message i was getting but since i'm using windows xp i figured i didnt have to worry about it. i was thinking maybe i could just close the dvd and maybe that would solve my problem but i havent figured out how to do that yetif its at all possible.

  elopes77 02:18 30 Nov 2005

i dont know if this helps any either but it says that its a "raw" file system on the disc

  Etrigan 10:58 01 Dec 2005

Bare with me...

Open Nero express, bottom row of buttons find the "save tracks" button. Select the drive to save the tracks you need that can't be read from ( ie - DVD drive). It might take a minute to read the disc info of tracks, especially with a dvd mutisession ( so be patient). Ok, now select one of the individual tracks, and under "output file format" pick ISO, then you can choose your save path. Now just click go and it will save that one individual track to your hard drive so that you can of course reburn it as a solo session disk, or also you could open the iso so you can get the files back and combine them with any data from any other tracks that you can rescue from the disks.

  elopes77 22:21 01 Dec 2005

i tried it but to no avail...thank you all who have tried to help but im just going to accept my losses and move on. once again thank you for all your help

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