Can't read downloaded pdf only print it.

  Zurdo 18:08 18 Sep 2009

Just a query re adobe reader. My daughter received a pdf file about a mortgage application and saved the file. On opening it, it wants to print it. If permission is denied to print it disappears. As she didn't have a printer connected I used my machine and it prints a hard copy OK. We are using both xp and vista with the latest adobe reader. I've looked around on the net but can't find anything about this. The file will can be read if I use IE to view it and cancel the print message. Is this just a security measure or what? Thanks for any info.

  Sea Urchin 18:19 18 Sep 2009

Presumably it has been designed to print out a hard copy, and they want you to send it back by post when completed.

You say you cannot read the file - by that do you mean that part of the page is covered by the Print box? But you can of course read it when printed out.

  Zurdo 19:03 18 Sep 2009

It's more than one page long and won't scroll from page 1 so can't read the important parts until printed out.
Thanks for reply.

  Sea Urchin 19:09 18 Sep 2009

OK understand - you could try downloading a different reader. Try Foxit

click here

  Technotiger 19:11 18 Sep 2009

When on page 1, try pressing the Wheel/Button on the mouse, you might then get the Scroll function by moving the mouse up/down.

  Zurdo 20:27 18 Sep 2009

Thanks for the replies. It's no big deal as I have a printed copy of the pdf........just wondered why I couldn't read it as it's never happened with other pdfs before. I'll tick resolved anyhow.

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