Can't read 1 particular website

  pj123 14:32 08 Apr 2005

Can someone check out this site for me and tell me whether they can read everything on it please?

click here

It used to be www. and everything on it was readable. Since it changed to I can't read anything. The main headings are readable but nothing else.

My screen res is 800 x 600 and every other website I visit is OK. It is as if this website changes my screen res to something like 1024 x 768 or above, which on a 15" monitor is useless.


  Diodorus Siculus 14:40 08 Apr 2005

Some info telling me that there is no webpage matching my request. Their error, not yours.

  crocbadger 14:41 08 Apr 2005

Hi There
Yeah i can read the site no problem at all
My screen res is set at 1280x1024 on a 19 inch monitor.

  SEASHANTY 14:44 08 Apr 2005

It opens immediately. On NTL BB same as you and using Firefox 1.0.2 browser.

  Yoda Knight 14:45 08 Apr 2005

No probs reading it here - try adjusting your screen res and try it again ?

  SEASHANTY 14:47 08 Apr 2005

You can increase the text size by holding down Control and scrolling in Firefox - or Just by
hoilding down CTRL and using the + key to increase the size by increments.

  Fellsider 14:47 08 Apr 2005

Loaded up OK (on BB 1Mb)
but the other week when I booked some accommodation online it was painfully slow.

  SEASHANTY 14:49 08 Apr 2005

Anyway 1024 by 768 is the normal setting for a 15" TFT monitor. It's what I am using for this monitor.

  pj123 15:29 08 Apr 2005

Thanks Guys for all your efforts. I have just tried switching my screen res to 640 x 480 but I still can't read what it says below "Make Yorkshire yours" or the two boxes below that. The printing is so small.

SEASHANTY, afraid I can't agree with that. Maybe it is my eyes that need changing? I wouldn't set the screen res any higher than 800 x 600 on any monitor below 17".

Control and + has been mentioned before but it does not work on my computer.

  pj123 16:00 08 Apr 2005

crx1600, thank you. Absolutely perfect. Ideal for what I want.


  SEASHANTY 16:02 08 Apr 2005

This website has lots of info on monitors
click here
My eyes are also not good. Comes with aging.
I always set the Firefox browser to increase the text size on this website and others if necessary.
Cannot understand why the size does not increase on your PC if using Firefox. Not only does the text size increase but at a certain level it also increases to a "bold" intensity without you having to set this option. It will easily make the text under MAKE YORKSHIRE YOURS up to a quarter of an inch in size. I can read it from yards away.

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