can't re-stall xp pro

  slminter 20:38 09 Aug 2004

I have been given a laptop by my brother. As he as lost the password, I have being trying to re-install xp pro. I have changed the boot order in the bios to cd-rom at the top but it dosen't seem to works and keeps going to the log in screen. I am puzzled please help?

  jonnytub 20:45 09 Aug 2004

do you have to press a button to boot from cd. you do on mine just incase the same applies mine is F2

  slminter 21:16 09 Aug 2004

f2 just starts up the bios. Could it be that i am trying to install windows me first then the xp upgrade? Would it make a differnce?

  jonnytub 21:36 09 Aug 2004

If it's an xp upgrade version then you need to have an older os such as you win me to upgrade and install over. What is the current Os at this moment in time??? If it's winme then you need to find out what button you press to boot from cd (try c). If it's xp then you need to format, install win me then upgrade to xp.

  slminter 21:49 09 Aug 2004

the current system is xp pro. How can I format if i can't login?

  jonnytub 21:56 09 Aug 2004

you don't need to login, but you do need to find out what button press enables the "boot from Cd-rom" feature. what laptop is it???

  woodchip 21:58 09 Aug 2004

Have you tried getting into the Computer through safe mode? Keep pressing F8 as the computer is starting

  woodchip 22:01 09 Aug 2004

Or check this out click here

  slminter 22:13 09 Aug 2004

the laptop is a viglen dossier ns+

  jonnytub 22:18 09 Aug 2004

was your brother a teacher by any chance???

  slminter 22:20 09 Aug 2004

Yes he is a lecturer!

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