Can't publish FP2000 from another pc

  MichelleC 08:21 19 Aug 2003

I'm copying data from 1pc to another by external hd caddy. I copied FP web to pc2 but it won't publish. It doesn't ask for username or password and appears to publish but just hangs. Ok, I thought, I'll test to see if original web publishes from caddy. It does ask for u/n and p/w and when I enter an error says ' This operation requires authors permission for 80.' so doesn't publish.

I've tried creating new web and importing. I select web and as it's importing error says 'Directories containing Web configuration information will not be imported'.

BTW I looked in help for permissions but haven't got 'security' as an option in 'tools'.

Any ideas? Thanks.

  tbh72 12:03 19 Aug 2003

Before copying files to the removalable HDD did you ensure that ALL files were made visable. Frontpage creates hidden files / folders. It might be that you haven't copied these hidden files / folder across to the new HDD, this would effectively prevent the website from being updated!!

  MichelleC 12:15 19 Aug 2003

Thanks for your suggestion. The hd in caddy is the actual hd from pc1 (containing the original web etc), and it won't publish from there either.

I've delved a bit deeper and it may be something to do with setting permissions. But I don't have a 'security' option in tools to be able to do this.

  tbh72 17:39 19 Aug 2003

Permissions are set by the use of Frontpage Server Exentions have you also chnged hosting companies? If so ensure the your FPSE's are installed. If your current hosting company is using a unix based server you will corrupt FPSE's if you use anything other than FP to upload files to the website

  Taran 19:31 19 Aug 2003

Are you using a customised theme at all ?

If you modify an existing theme or create one of your own, it is stored as a system setting on your PC - the files to display the theme settings are copied to the web root folder but the theme itself remains part of your PC files and is not transferable unless you know how.

The security settings you refer to are not for transfering a web folder to another computer, altough I am happy to be correctd on that point and learn something new. They are for various options on a host (SSL, https, user access controls and similar).

Have you tried to copy the complete web folder in question to your removable hard disk from the My Webs folder one one PC, then copy it into your own My Webs folder on the other. Can you publish it locally, say to IIS or Apache if you have either one installed as a testing server ?

More detail if possible please.



  Forum Editor 23:29 19 Aug 2003

on PC number 2 by importing the web from the server. Save it to the hard drive and then publish back to the server - you should have no problems.

I commonly work on sites on my laptop if I'm away on business, and that used to be my method - it works perfectly. You'll need to remember to do the same thing when back on PC number 1 of course, or you'll have out of sync copies, but it's not a big deal.

The new version, FP 2003 has a really nice publishing interface that shows both local (hard drive) and remote (server) versions of the site. Differences are marked for you, and there's a 'synchronise' button that does just that - it synchronises one version with the other, ensuring that both locations are identical.

  MichelleC 08:26 20 Aug 2003

I've got to be out most of the day, but I'll fiddle later. Thanks for replies.

  MichelleC 10:04 30 Aug 2003

I found out way round it:

On the tools menu click folder options,
On the view tab and show hidden folders and click to clear hide file extension, ok,
in folders list d-click your web folder,
d-click the _vti_pvt folder,
delete any files ending .lck.,
r-click service file, properties and clear read only,
r-click services file, properties and clear read only.

Now I can publish ok from my copy of web.

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