Can't print over the LAN

  RISC OS user 16:13 26 Oct 2013

I seem to be in trouble with printing over the LAN since installing Windows 8.1 I can see my Decktop PC and its shared files and the printer. I can print to it when I am using Virtual Acorn and Uniprint which are installed on the Laptop PC. A few days ago I was able to print directly from the Laptop via the LAN but for the last two day I cannot. The Decktop PC can print correctly. The Printer is connected to the Desktop via USB. When I try to print a PDF file or any other for that matter I get the following messages. "not able to print", if I look at the "printer Set Up", "Network" "Please select the Network Printer that you want to use and click Select to connect to it" this I do and it appears in the bottom of the window clicking select in the Select panel the following message appears in a window headed "ADD PRINTER" Sub title "Connect to Printer" followed by "Windows cannot connect to the Printer. The server print spooler service is not running. Please restart the spooler on the server or restart the server machine".

I am not clear what is ment by the above or where to look. I have restarted both machines with the printer left switched on. The DeckTop is running Windows 7, and printing was fine with Windows 8.0!

  RISC OS user 22:00 26 Oct 2013

Further to the above question I found that my laptop had installed a printer as local, and all the print jobs were waiting for that non existent printer, which I have now removed. The Laptop appears to see the printer on the Desktop PC and when I try to connect to it I get the same error message as before about the server etc., If I double click on the printer in the Network Window I get a window which is headed "HP PSC 1300 series on IntelPC - Offline - Use Printer Offline" I have no idea what this means or what to do about it. Its location and printer name are correct. Can anyone help me Please. The two computer must be on the same network as I can access file from each machine.

  T0SH 16:17 27 Oct 2013

Use printer offline is a setting in the print spooler if it is selected then it will never print, I remember on XP it could be disabled by opening the print spooler and deselecting it if you open print properties and click on "show what is printing" from the menu options it will open the spooler you should see Use Printer Offline is selected deselect it and clear any print jobs in the list you should now be able to print this setting on Win7 has a habit of self selecting so needs a watchfull eye

Cheers HC

  RISC OS user 21:23 27 Oct 2013

Thanks for your reply, I believe I have found the problem. I downloaded HP assistant and it advised me that a Network file was missing, cannot remember which one, but it was downloaded and installed and now I can print again. I think one of the paid for file cleaners may have removed it in error. So will stick with ccleaner in future.

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