Can't print one inch of A4 printouts

  Dennis-335149 11:55 04 Oct 2003

In both MS Publisher, and MS Word, I am losing one inch of printout.
If I have landscape image, I lose one inch from right hand side. In portrait it fails to print one inch from bottom.
In Publisher it just does not print the missing inch, in Word, it compresses the text but prints all but leaves a blank one inch of printed area.
I have tried all the elp suggestions. I have three printers, and I get the same phenominon on each printer, so the problem lies somewhere within OS, software or my computer.

  pj123 12:33 04 Oct 2003

Have you checked your page setup? make sure it is set to A4 (UK) and not Letter (American). Also what version of MS Publisher and MS Word are you using?

  Djohn 12:40 04 Oct 2003

I think this applies to most printers, none that I have ever had will print on the last 1.5mm or approximately 1" of paper. this last bit is needed to be held by the print rollers and the printhead is unable to reach it. j.

  pj123 12:50 04 Oct 2003

Except for mine John. Epson 915 prints edge to edge.

  Djohn 12:58 04 Oct 2003

Hi Pete, I know that some printers will, but still haven't figured out how they print on that last little bit that is still gripped by the feed roller. :o(

  Sir Radfordin 12:58 04 Oct 2003

There are some edge to edge printers (as pj123) says but most won't. This is likely to be the reason you are loosing an inch or so.

  Sir Radfordin 18:20 04 Oct 2003

Via Email from Roc:

"No, I know the maximum area limitations on all of my printers, but this is a
sudden phenominon that happened yesterday. Something has gone haywire. But what?
Driving me crackers."

(Posting responses allows everyone to join in!)

My suggestion based on that would be to think about any changes that have been made since yesterday and if that doesn't suggest anything to remove and re-install the printer driver. This often sorts many printer problems.

  Dennis-335149 18:35 04 Oct 2003

PG123 had the answer. Both Publisher and Word were default "Letter". I have changed the default in Word to A4, but I am puzzled as to why there is no default choice in Publisher, and on some files I have a choice of A4 and on others A4 is not listed in the selection. What is that all about?
And why did both programmes change overnight? Is there somewhere where I can make A4 default?

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