Can't print

  Glen 17:46 13 Jun 2011

At least once a week I try to print and am told to install a printer. Looking at the Printers page, I find it blank. I go to services and look for Print Spooler. The entry "Status" has no entry. "Start up type" reads Manual. I click properties and select Start and Automatic - and all is well. A few weeks ago I asked for help and was asked if using Microsoft malicious removal,but I do not have it on board, but did not really understand the advice. What can I do to resolve this. I have Vista and Open Office. Glen

  chub_tor 18:24 13 Jun 2011

I don't understand how you can print if you have no printers installed in the Printers section of Control Panel - you say it is blank. Can you explain further? What printer are you printing to?

  Sea Urchin 18:36 13 Jun 2011

Following on from chub_tor - equally mystified. When you select Start and Automatic in the Services Print Spooler does that create an entry in the Printers/Faxes section?

  Glen 14:12 14 Jun 2011

Hi guys Sorry if I did not make it clear. When the problem arises it turns out that the printer page is quite blank. After I reset the spooler to Start and Automatic the printers re-appear as normal in the printer page.. Then I can print in the usual manner. I don't understand why, or how to stop it happening again Glen

  wee eddie 14:24 14 Jun 2011

I can't imagine why you should want to enable the Spooler unless you are trying to print an item that are longer than the available memory or some suuch.

All the spooler does is to store the Print Queue on your PC until the Printer is ready for it. With most Printers, if you send something to the Spooler you also have to tell the Printer when you are ready to start printing.

Say you wish to print a whole leaflet, 200 pages long, but only have a 80 page Paper Tray. That is when you would use it.

  chub_tor 14:41 14 Jun 2011

If the printers show on the printers page after you have enabled the Spooler do they dissapear after the print request has finished or when you re-boot?

I have no idea how this is happening but what I would do when the printers appear in the printers page is to uninstall them and their drivers and then let Windows find them again by using the Add Printer Wizard and see if they stay there after a re-boot.

  woodchip 15:58 14 Jun 2011

In Printer Folder why not try it with it set to print direct to Printer? cut the spooler out. You can do this in Printer Properties

Just had a look under XP, you can set it to print direct to Printer

  Glen 12:40 15 Jun 2011

Thanks guys for explanation. Have started with woodchip's hint and all printers set top direct printing. previously not all set the same way. If any more trouble will try Chub_tor's ideas, to uninstall and add tghem again. Hopefully now solved Glen

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