Can't play videos through TV Out

  Gaz W 02:52 05 Nov 2003

I can't play DVDs (or any videos for that matter) using my TV out. My graphics card is an ATi Radeon 9500 Pro and I have tried using Windows Media Player and WinDVD without success. The video appears on the monitor, but on the TV it is just a black screen. Video formats I've tried so far are normal DVDs, AVI and MPEG, and none of them work through the TV.

What can I do to make it work?

  Gaz W 13:50 05 Nov 2003


  WaiKent 14:01 05 Nov 2003

did your graphics card come with an s video lead. and have you plugged it into the gfx card and then into the video out of the tv. maybe its not plugged in properly.

  Gaz W 16:47 05 Nov 2003

The video out is working perfectly using S-Video to Composite to SCART adapters (S-Video to SCART was black and white). I can see the PC picture on TV exactly the same as the monitor, but if I play a DVD, the DVD picture is black and it says "Play", obviously because of some sort of copy protection feature.

What I am after is a way to get around this copy protection in order to watch DVDs on the TV.

  Gaz W 17:07 05 Nov 2003

I have seen products that remove Macrovision encoding, but these are normally from SCART to SCART. What I have is an S-Video cable to Composite cable attached to a Composite to SCART. This has been the only way I can get a picture (so far).

  mark e 17:11 05 Nov 2003

read these it may help?

click here


click here

  hugh-265156 17:12 05 Nov 2003

update your graphics card drivers click here

use the seven pin svideo to composite adapter you should have got with the cardd,connect this to your scart lead and connect this to the av1(rgb) socket on your tv.

click start/control panel/display/settings and click the screen 2,set the resolution to 640x480.tick the extend my desktop to this monitor.

play your dvd and drag it from your monitor left or right to the tv screen,it may go black whilst dragging for a moment or two this is normal but should then play ok on the tv.

set up advanced tv settings in control panel/display/settings/advanced/displays/tv here you can adjust colour and contrast sharpness an pal/ntsc output etc.set to pal uk,ntsc(us/jap)may give a b/w picture.

try hydravision (select it from the driver download link above) it will enable more multi desktop features.

black and white pictures are common on nvidia cards when outputing to tv and i am told tvtool works well.i have an ati card myself and never had any problems with using either an ordinary 4 pin svideo lead or the seven pin adapter varity.

  mark e 17:12 05 Nov 2003

it worked for my laptop so it should do the trick on desktop as well said the maplins expert

Mark E

  MIke 17:18 05 Nov 2003

I've had a similar problem with my HP notebook that uses ATI graphgics card too. Notebook has a TV Out button this however only displays the desktop and windows on TV If I use win dvd or Media Player I get the outline of media player and the control panel of win dvd but no picture displayed just black, sound is OK.

I think you have the same syptoms. The solution in my case is to ignore the TV OUT button. Right click on desktop from menu chose properties
Settings, Advanced,Displays. On my Notebook there are three displays shown at bottom of window, Monitor, Panel and TV.There is an on/off button to left of each of these titles. Yoiu need to click on the TV button to turn it on as it were. Click Apply and OK you should then get DVD output to TV.

Hope this helps. Not easy to describe but should be clear when you look at your own computer.


  MIke 17:22 05 Nov 2003

If I remember correctly the button changes colour from red for off to green for on

  Gaz W 17:30 05 Nov 2003

Thanks for all your help.

The picture on the TV actually is in colour, but the problem I am having is obviously with Macrovision.

I have tried using the extended desktop and dragging the DVD player over to the TV screen but it doesn't work on there.

Ideally I'd prefer to be able to use both screens if there's a way round it.

I will try and update my graphics card drivers now.

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