Can't Play Video Clips Online

  mxyzptlk 14:42 07 Jul 2009

I'm running Vista Home Premium SP2, with Internet Explorer 7. I installed version 8 but uninstalled it due to a number of problems including slow running. After that I have been unable to play video clips online, or to open email attachments of any type - but they play or open OK if I download them to a file on disk first. Clips in YouTube or other tube sites play OK so I don't think it is a Flash problem.

When trying to play clips online I get a message like this :

"Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item". I notice from the message box that whichever file I'm trying to open is in the Temporary Internet Files/Content.IE5 folder (which I guess is correct). I am the only user of the PC and an administrator but this shouldn't be relevant because it all worked OK before installing IE8. Can anyone help me to solve this? I've searched elsewhere online and found nothing useful.

  rawprawn 15:00 07 Jul 2009

Are you running AVG, if so try turning it off

  mxyzptlk 16:09 07 Jul 2009

thanks rawprawn, I run both AVG and Zone Alarm Pro, tried turning them both off but it was no help. But this worked with both programs running anyway before I installed and uninstalled IE8, so I suspect IE8 left some obscure registry settings after uninstallation. Can't find any info on this anywhere.

  brundle 16:18 07 Jul 2009

Your account profile & permissions are damaged, create a new user account and move all your data across to it, or use System Restore.

  mxyzptlk 00:03 08 Jul 2009

Thanks brundle, tried this but still no joy. I've also tried reducing internet security to zero but that had no effect either. I've seen posts on other forums but nobody seems to have found an answer to this one.

  Jameslayer 00:37 08 Jul 2009

I am on xp not vista. But my flashplayer stopped working and i had to deleate all the flash programs off and reinstall them from the site and it started working again.

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